Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 89
Location: Outdoor Stage
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

(fine's performance is overwhelming!)

(I had heard of it in rumors, but this is the first time I'm seeing it myself.)

(I hadn't thought they would be this overwhelmingly strong!)

(Unleashed Powers) Wataru Hibiki CG
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

(It's vexing, but Hibiki-buchou is incredible as expected.)

(He's way too skillful! He's performing with five instruments at the same time! What is that? Chindon-ya? Mary Popp*ns?)[1]

(Caretaker) Yuzuru Fushimi CG2
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

Fushimi is simple but still excelling as well. He's properly following and matching Hibiki-buchou who's beyond all reason.

(Egoistic) Tori Himemiya CG2
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

(Himemiya is still making a lot of mistakes, but he has more talent than anyone else. He shines, he has a certain radiance.)

Kingdom 89-2
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

(They're like this even without the president participating. It's almost unfair how good they are, they're making pros lose face!)

(On top of that there's this style of music...)

(It's easy to understand and digest, it's fun and cheerful, it's modern style! Pop? It still falls inside the idol song genre, but isn't this way too high-level!?)

(The song selection and style is very much like ours, like Trickstar's. However, they surpass ours in every single way.)

(In other words, fine is a superior existence to Trickstar...!)

(This is the worst. Because our and Akatsuki's styles were very different, our matches were like one side boxing and the other wrestling. As long as we properly picked the right stage to fight on, we could draw the match to our favor.)

(We had a chance to win. Yesterday's S1 was like a mixed martial arts match.)

(But fine and Trickstar have the same kind of style. It would be a match between two boxers. It would only serve to show us the gap in status.)

(If you measure us by the same standards, clever schemes won't be able to overturn the difference in ability.)

(Will we really be able to win? Us... against them, against fine?)

(It's impossible. It's like trying to straightforwardly have a fight with a first class heavy boxing champion, we're like amateur boxers!)

(On top of that the presidents's group is a well prepared one, even being able to score a lucky punch seems impossible!)

(Steadily, without mercy, without being able to do anything we will be knocked out!)

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

You can do it while leisurely enjoying the music, but I want everyone to listen to me. Firstly I want to make a certain announcement to everyone in the audience as the student council president.

At the end of the year a large and distinguished event for Yumenosaki, for the whole idol business, is held.

It's the festival that has the most influence amongst the ones our school sponsors and takes an explosive amount of time, human resources and budget to prepare and hold.

So to speak, it's the SS.

You can't even begin to compare it to the S1s which are held in the school and its vicinity.

It's the largest and greatest Dreamfes which will engulf all of this country and all of the idol business.

It's the event that is hold to determine the number one idol in Japan in which a great number of musicians and idols, regardless of them being pros or amateurs, will participate.

Even in the entertainment business, it's an important happening.

Our school chooses a unit to represent itself and participate in the SS each year as well.

And so the unit that is chosen will fight against our sister and rival schools from all over the country...

In other words they will be fighting against representatives from training schools and a large number of agencies, they will be fighting while aiming to be the best idols.

This SS will be broadcast on TV in the whole country and there will be attention on it from both inside and outside the country.

Aren't there also a lot of you who saw the SS on the TV and because of that came to aspire to be an idol...

And so enrolled into Yumenosaki Academy or aimed to be an idol?

Winning in the SS is the greatest goal and biggest dream for us idols, isn't it?

Although in the long generations of representative units of Yumenosaki Academy there still hasn't been one who has earned that glory.

Yumenosaki Academy is a sponsor for the SS... Isn't it pitiful how the sponsor hasn't won even once?

Which is why our school's administrators and investors and all kinds of other people are having high expectations, hoping that this year we will win for sure!

The reason why the school has introduced the producer course this year and has been trying all kinds of other things were all for that. Everything is being done so that we will be able to win the SS.

In conclusion this year the school's fighting spirit towards the SS is not to be trifled with.

The unit that will participate in the SS as our representative will most likely get an enormous amount of support from the school.

Of course if you win, it will leave a very large mark on your personal records, you will gain the highest evaluation as an idol.

Your idol activities after that would also surely be rose-colored. Just by making an appearance, you will gain fame, after all.

If you're a someone who goes to our school, if you're an idol... Everyone hopes to participate in the SS, and if there's a chance, even win.

The ones who don't, can't even be called idols. They're just living corpses. I believe that amongst you there are none that are unmotivated like that, though.

  1. A chindonya is a Japanese marching band and Mary Popp*ns is Mary Poppins but copyright issues so a star.
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