Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 87
Location: Outdoor Stage
(A Senior's Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Jeez, for them to have an old man like myself labor this much...

After last night's Dreamfes, people now know the student council isn't perfect; they are wounded kings regardless of how strong they are. They are scarily strong, they absolutely aren't an opponent you can take on while letting your guard down.

Even so, that doggy of ours... He went up the stage without thinking about anything. Like this, we're just a nice punching bag.

Nay, it must have been that that was Tenshouin-kun's intention from the very start.

Last night, we of UNDEAD cooperated with your Trickstar. And so we must be judged.

As traitors whom have shown hostility towards the student council, as criminals, as per the Emperor's command we will be executed.

This Dreamfes, this B1 is a demonstration- in other words, it's a public execution.

We've been led by the nose, right to the guillotine.

After this it's your turn, Trickstar... Before your heads get separated from your bodies, you may want to devise a plan to escape.

We're talking about Tenshouin-kun after all- he must have prepared an escape route for you. Although if you run there you very well might be surrounded and be completely annihilated.

Everything he's planned has already been set into motion; our game of shogi has been cut short.

We're out of time. The hands of the clock of our school which you went through many hardships and made a desperate effort for to move, have been put back forcefully.

I never expected that Tenshouin-kun would be discharged so soon...

We did not finish the reform of Yumenosaki Academy before he came back, that's our cause of defeat.

We UNDEAD are shadows. The stronger the light, the deeper the shadows. Struggling with you people was very fun. It truly was just like a dream.

However, fine's light is too bright. It extinguishes all darkness. It seems this is the end for us.

This time, we will be executed before we can do anything for you. Isolated and helpless, you will be forced to fight against that Emperor.

Watch over there, the king of Yumenosaki Academy is making a triumphant return. The strongest unit in this school... fine will be rising onto the stage momentarily.

This can't even be called a competition at this point. Tenshouin-kun is just declaring himself as the winner.

I can't bear to watch such a stage, so I will be excusing myself here.

Beware, Tenshouin-kun will be coming to break your heart.

He crushes hearts, hopes and dreams. He devours everything greedily, he takes it all in and makes it his own. He's a supreme ruler who is like an evil dream-eating demon.

You should be cautious of dreaming in the open, although it might be too late already to only start being cautious now... I'm praying for you, gentlemen of Trickstar.

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

Ah, Sakuma-senpai... I hope he's okay, he wasn't walking straight.

After all, he is normally sleeping around this hour.

Even so, he was forcefully kicked out of bed and had to participate in this Dreamfes, so it's no wonder he couldn't bring out his best.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

(Completely crushing an opponent that they made weak first like that is how the student council does things... It's truly a strategy which befits a supreme king.)

(Will we be able to stand strong against such an overwhelmingly strong force?)

(Isn't it better to take him up on his offer from earlier and surrender?)

(This is bad, I can't become this weak-willed. We promised each other that we would change this school, we should be able to do that...)

(If we bend our knee here, we won't be able to stand up again.)

Translation: Freddie24f
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