Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 86
Location: Outdoor Stage
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

On top of that, the president still has something up his sleeve. He did say that in this stray match... this B1, he had a small announcement to make.

Depending on what exactly he will be announcing, our thoughts may change.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

It's also possible that the president will have a flashy loss in this B1 and self-destruct, after all!

If it's like that, then we can promptly abandon his idea; there's no reason to ride an unsteady mud boat.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

You're right. With yesterday's S1, the authority that the student council holds plummeted. It's been proven that the student council can also lose.

The common sense in Yumenosaki Academy that you have to vote for only the student council so you can be in their good graces should have already been overthrown.

If it's fair like that, it will become an actual battle of skill. There's also the fact that this is a stray match... it won't show on your records so surely the audience will vote for the one they think was better.

It's a good opportunity to ascertain the skill of the student council president.

He spoke all high and mighty, but the president has been hospitalized for quite some time now, and his unit had been on a break from any activities.

Dreamfes aren't so easy that you can easily win after just recovering from illness.

(A Senior's Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Well now, is that really so?

Tenshouin won't do any unnecessary labor because he has a weak constitution. Without consuming his stamina, without burning calories, he wins when he has to while using the absolute minimum amount of effort he can put in.

You'll be in for some pain if you underestimate him because he has a weak constitution and has only just recovered.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render


You're wearing your unit outfit but... it couldn't be that the ones who will be fighting the president on this B1 on this outdoor stage is UNDEAD?

(A Senior's Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

That's right. The Dreamfes has already begun, so rather than say that we will be fighting, we already are.

Tenshouin-kun send a letter to challenge us, you see. Our doggy who loves spilling blood accepted it without thinking about it thoroughly.

After all, we were in a role that worked to put you of Trickstar in a better light in yesterday night's Dreamfes.

We became the stepping stones you needed to be able to take flight.

However, it seems that being in that position caused the doggy stress.

On top of that, he just hates to lose, so a feeling of antagonism towards you must be sprouting inside of him.

There's no way he wouldn't be able to do what you were able to... Like that, he became enthusiastic about it and came to have to fight with the president.

I don't know whether I should call it imprudence or youthful vigor. ... Even though that's also the doggy's good point. This time it just made him trap himself completely.

I can't imagine that that Tenshouin-kun would fight a losing battle.

Just now, our performance ended but... It just didn't come to a real conclusion, it felt like we were just doing a lukewarm performance.

In reality, we of UNDEAD are still fatigued from last night, and like that had to fight another battle right after. We absolutely aren't in top condition.

I also get lethargic from the sun shining down on me like this, so my condition is the worst it can be.

Kaoru-kun seems to hold a grudge because I tricked him into coming on the stage as well.

He didn't participate today, even though he is the other half of the face of UNDEAD.

It was a miracle in the first place that Kaoru-kun who usually doesn't have any motivation stood on the stage yesterday.

In the current situation with me down because of the sunlight and Kaoru-kun absent... it would be an understatement to say that UNDEAD's power is just halved.

Doggy and Adonis-kun fought with all their might, but our performance ended without us being able to show our true worth.

It became a Dreamfes filled with regret. Look around, the audience isn't excited at all.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

It indeed looks like the audience isn't excited at all.

He chose to fight you in this kind of situation... on a stage on which UNDEAD couldn't perform at their best.

The president will even use such hurriedly made plans?

(A Senior's Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

That side of him is unrefined... or rather, it's very much different from Hasumi-kun, who is honest to a fault.

Tenshouin-kun wears a cute face like an angel but is more cruel than even the devil.

Translation: Freddie24f
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