Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 82
Location: Student Council Office
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

Well then.

Let me first tell you what brought this on. I think you understand it since you're all smart but the fact that you won yesterday's Dreamfes was a miracle; it was just a fluke.

Thanks to it being a surprise attack, the cooperation of UNDEAD and 2wink, the special position of the transfer student, my absence...

And other big factors such as those that kept piling up, it's a victory you grasped thanks to luck as if walking on thin ice.

If we were to come attack you from the front you would not stand a chance.

Keito's Akatsuki which is wishing to take revenge, or my fine, are able to easily crush you.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

(That... Indeed, it pains me to admit it, but it's just as the president says.)

(Yesterday's victory was a miracle. A miracle won't occur again and again, the difference in strength is clear. I'm not as conceited as to think we can win fair and square.)

(Even if he is rotten, the president still is the top idol of Yumenosaki Academy.)

(It isn't as if he has been reigning with just his authority. He has real skill. Because he is a wall nobody can conquer, he has been able to reign.)

(We are still inexperienced. We are a new-born Trickstar...)

(Like that we desperately kept working harder and harder, came up with a plan, gained the support of a lot of comrades and then barely grasped victory.)

(There won't be a next time. We are unarmed compared to the student council.)

(If we spend enough time then someday we will surely be able to catch up. However at the moment there is a clear difference in strength.)

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

However, you are the flowers that bloomed in this Yumenosaki Academy, even though you shouldn't have been able to. You yourselves embody a miracle, I think of you as precious existences.

It would be more than a shame to just crush you here.

Which is why I want to make a proposal. That is why I have called you here today.

Listen properly until the end. This will be a nice opportunity for you.

I feel bad for Trickstar but I will have Trickstar disband. However I am thinking of assigning all of its members to units which will be able to bring out the best in them.

We will have a swift transfer. That's right, first off... Hidaka Hokuto-kun, Akehoshi Subaru-kun.

To have the both of you in a mish-mashed unit such as Trickstar is a waste.

I'll have you become part of my fine, one of the strongest units in this Yumenosaki Academy.

The reason I called you here is to recruit you, not to punish you.

Become one of my comrades. I want you to become outstanding talents who will carry fine, Yumenosaki Academy, and this idol industry.

You have potential, you have shining talent. You are the precious buds who should blossom in full glory not as my enemy, but as my comrade.

I want you to allow me to not have to trample over the bud that has just started to sprout.

I want you to let me love it, I want you to let me grow it. This is a request, this Tenshouin Eichi is lowering his head and requesting you. I want to have you so much i can't help it.

I have always been waiting for a beautiful flower, for a young idol with great promise for the future.

Of course... I have also thought of the other two members, not just of Hidaka-kun and Akehoshi-kun.

First, I will have Isara Mao whom Keito highly values become part of Akatsuki.

As for Yuuki Makoto-kun, the unit an acquaintance of mine is in, Knights, has raised its hand saying they want him.

Sena Izumi-kun, it seems that he especially is strongly asking for Yuuki-kun's enrollment.

Among the units that don't bow down to the student council, Knights is the strongest.

To Yuuki-kun, who is a leftover and poorly equipped student, it's the chance of a lifetime.

That is something I can say to all of you. Will you keep fighting against us of the student council, picking at us until there aren't even remains left?

Do you want to fight a hellish battle to exhaustion?

At first you may misunderstand that that you're doing something great, and enjoy yourselves like that. But in the end, that's just playing around; you're just playing revolutionists.

In time, you'll realize that there isn't any meaning in doing that.

Aren't we comrades of the same Yumenosaki Academy? It's sad to have to fight each other.

It isn't productive; please also think about the future. This absolutely won't mean you have lost. It isn't an act you need to sell your soul for.

You have won. My proposal is the reward for that.

Your talent will shine because it is in my hands. I am convinced of that, which is why I want you to say yes. I want you to take my hand, let us walk together.

I will include your dreams into mine.

I'm sure those dreams will bring out the maximum amount of shine. They will become the hope that shines upon this whole world.

You guys are Cinderellas, you will be able to climb the stairs higher and higher.

This is the best compliment I can give you. There is no meaning in just standing still. In order to grow up, it is also important to have a rebellious period, but you can't keep rebelling forever.

Some day you will be included as one of the gears of the system, of society.

You can't keep being a child forever; you have to become adults. And for you, that moment is now.

I want you to not waste this chance.

Right now is the time to stop pulling back, you have to compromise. If you want to keep on being an idol from now on, then you will have to make a decision like an adult.

I have always been waiting for talented people like yourselves. I want you to not let this encounter end in a unfortunate manner. I am asking this of you from the bottom of my heart.

I want you to allow me to not have to trample on the flower that has finally bloomed.

If you won't listen to this request, then however sad it is, we will have to wage war.

Translation: Freddie24f
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