Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 77
Location: Garden Space
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

...Hm? What's the matter, transfer student? You're facing a weird direction.

Huh? Even though it's this late... it looks like there's someone at the garden terrace.

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

You're right. Ah, he's coming this way. What could he be doing here, is he a suspicious person?

Could he be someone from the audience waiting to see their idol... no, that couldn't be it. That isn't allowed, and on top of that, he is wearing our school uniform.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

Why, hello there.

You are Trickstar, aren't you. Today's live was wonderful.

It was innovative and filled with passion... But beneath that there was carefully thought-out planning and logic.

It was a beautiful stage, it really was like a miracle. I felt the blessing that the gods gave, it really felt like destiny.

Thank you. I'm happy having been able to see something rare. Fufufu, like seeing Keito's face as he was eating dirt...♪

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render


Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

Oh, excuse me. You must be bewildered having a person you don't know talk to you out of nowhere.

But I just wanted to talk with you, even if for just a little bit.

I'm happy there are still energetic people like you guys in this Yumenosaki Academy.

It seems I'll be able to enjoy myself every day from now on ♪

Fufu. You must be tired. I'm sorry for holding you up.

Be careful on the way home. Make sure to properly see our important transfer student-chan home.

I will also go home. I've been frail from the moment I was born, you see. I am very tired just from watching the live...

Which is why I was resting at the garden terrace.

You should also go home and let your bodies rest. That is your reward for shaking the stronghold known as the student council and advancing the stagnated time in this academy.

(The Reigning Ruler) Eichi Tenshouin CG
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

For this memorable night, I want you to sleep without fear.

It's been a long time, but I think that I also will be able to see a wonderful dream tonight.

Well then let's meet again, Trickstar.

Kingdom 76 2
Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

...Ah, there he goes. What was that, wasn't he really just a suspicious person after all?

Hmm. He was wearing Yumenosaki Academy's uniform, but I haven't seen him before.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render


Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Huh? What's wrong, Hokke? Making such a scary face.

Could it be you know that person?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

You guys sure are carefree. He is someone that you guys, no, that everyone in Yumenosaki Academy should know.

I have chills running up my spine. This time, we were the ones who were met with a surprise attack. I didn't think we would meet him at this point in time; it almost feels as if I've just seen a ghost.

...Brazenly saying something like 'sleep without fear'. Is he trying to say that what we accomplished today is something that, even if grasped, still isn't enough?

That is quite some composure; how upsetting.

The improvements we gained in this live, the aftertaste of victory, too; it feels like the roots we finally were able to grow were stolen from us.

That person... to us, he is our strongest and worst enemy. The one we should overcome, our greatest obstacle.

If possible, I would have wanted everything to end without us having to face him, but it seems it won't end that easily.

He is the top idol of Yumenosaki and the leader of fine, the unit which stands above all others.

The student council president, the emperor Tenshouin Eichi...!

Translation: Freddie24f
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