Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 74
Location: Student Council Office
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

Excuse me.

I'm sorry I'm late. As expected I was quite tired right after the Dreamfes and couldn't really move until I had rested for a bit.

Do you have work for me? I'll do anything.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render


Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render


Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

(Muuu, the atmosphere is heavy!)

(That's only natural. With the Dreamfes that just ended a fissure started to form in the authority of the student council.)

(I straight up bared my fangs against them, it'd be weird if they'd be calm about it.)

(I'm talking as if it's someone else's business. But I am one of the perpetrators, I have betrayed them... I used their trust in me in a underhanded way, I revolted against the student council.)

(It'd be nice if it would just end with me being punched. What kind of judgement will it be? How scary.)

(I'd be more relieved if they'd just spoke ill of me, but they're all silent!)

(Well, I have to draw a line. It's an unshakable truth that I fully cooperated with Trickstar and started a revolution.)

(But at the very least I should do my best so that the blame is concentrated on just me.)

(So that with me taking responsibility, no punishment will fall upon Trickstar...)

(For those guys, it's just the start. They will keep changing this school, right now is the most important time for them.)

(I need to become their protective wall. That's the reason I am stuck between Trickstar and the student council.)

(It may sound like the words of a poor person, but I wished to be in this position.)

(I need them at least to keep walking, facing forwards... If not I couldn't die peacefully. There wouldn't be any worth in me going as far as to become a traitor.)

(If we get served poison, it will only come as far as the plate.)

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

Isara. What are you spacing out for, go sit down and do your paperwork.

There is also the usual post processing of the Dreamfes, however...

This time too many unusual situations broke out, so it seems to be taking forever to put out the fire; we need your skills.

Be prepared for an all-nighter. I will talk with you about your punishment regarding today later.

However, it isn't as if you broke any rules. You did your best for your unit and showed everyone a praiseworthy live performance.

You are a model idol. You only did what was natural as a student at Yumenosaki Academy. I don't really have any plans to punish you. It will end with just a light scolding.

Which is why right now I want you to do the work you need to do as a student council executive.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

That's a very light punishment. I was prepared for not just being fired from the student council but for being expelled from this school.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

I don't have the authority to expel someone. On top of that, I make a point to not mix my personal affairs with official business.

What happened today certainly made me mad but... Using the authority of the student council to settle a personal grudge isn't right.

It is my own mistake from underestimating Trickstar and feeling complacent. If there's anyone who should receive punishment then it's me.

I'm disappointed with myself, I soiled the dignity of the student council.

I can't excuse myself in front of the student council president... in front of Eichi.

Don't force me to say even more of my grievings. I feel so pathetic I can't help myself.

Go sit in your seat, do your work. That's the only thing I can tell you right now.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Uu! You really are being too soft, vice-president, I can't believe you!

Damnit, you traitor! I'll publicly execute you, I'll hang you in front of the school gates in just your underwear and make you feel real humiliation!

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

Listen up, just keep working, Himemiya. ...You don't have the authority to decide on Isara's punishment.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Aaah, that's irritating! Acting like you're such a good person like that!

I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it! I really hate both losing and being made fun of!

If I knew it was going to be like this I should have stopped the Dreamfes in the middle even if I had to use force!

(Caretaker) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

That in and on itself would have been a great embarrassment.

If you'd stopped the Dreamfes in the middle, it would be as if the student council ran away because they hate losing...

More than losing fair and square, that would have resulted in us losing our reputation.

It isn't very constructive to just talk about 'what ifs'.

I will help you, so let us first finish this mountain of work... bocchama?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

...Fushimi. You're looking after Himemiya today too, thank you for your hard work.

(Caretaker) Yuzuru Fushimi CG
(Caretaker) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Certainly, that is my duty after all.

Look, bocchama, you misspelled. Please concentrate.

Kingdom 74 2
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Ugyaaa, shut up! Even though you're just a slave! Don't complain about what I do, you have to be absolutely obedient towards me!

At least don't just watch, help with the paperwork! It's a hassle to do it!

(Caretaker) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

You may say that, however I am not a member of the student council... I can't just touch those documents.

I shouldn't even be allowed to be here. I have special permission thanks to the vice-president for just that.

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