Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 72
Location: Auditorium
Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

Well then, everyone attention!

The fair results of the voting, the amount of votes and rank of each of the units that participated in today's S1 have been determined! I will be announcing them right now ♪

The amount of votes and their breakdown... How many people voted and what kind of points were given will be updated on the Yumenosaki Academy's homepage after this!

If you are interested then be sure to check it there!

Right now we will only be announcing the ranks!

First, in fourth place... or in other words in last place, 2wink!

Hinata Aoi 2wink Dialogue Render

Yes, yes~. That was to be expected, but let me at least make an excuse.

The votes were being gathered at the same time as our performance.

We didn't get any votes only because we had to hand over the stage to Trickstar in the middle of our performance!

Loss by default, I'd say. Which is why you shouldn't make fun of 2wink just because we're in last place.

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

You sure are desperate. Well in the official record this will be recorded as 2wink's debut performance, and being in last place for your first performance does leave a bad impression.

Hinata Aoi 2wink Dialogue Render

Exactly! We went as far as to even sacrifice ourselves like that... You absolutely have to win, Trickstar!

I'd also be fine if Sakuma-senpai's UNDEAD wins, you know? Whichever is fine so overcome our corpses! Grasp victory!

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

However, regrettably, UNDEAD is in third place ♪

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Yes, as per the pre-established harmony. I have no complaints, in the end we are just the corpses that need to be overcome.

Akatsuki and UNDEAD's skill are on par, however due to the authority of the student council they were able to gather the votes from the students and Akatsuki was able to win this close fight.

It is a result that follows logic, however thanks to the format of our battle, we were able to take a considerable amount of votes.

Due to us crushing each other, we both went under while trying to sweep the ground under the other's feet away... There should be ones who used our heads as a stepping stone and climbed even higher.

Applaud them, everybody! Feel free to release a salute of guns called applause ♪

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

Aaah, don't steal my job! Let me talk till the end, from here on is the best part of the announcement ☆

There are two units left!

Will it be the unit led by the student council, the unbeaten and invincible, the strongest unit, Akatsuki! Or will it be the up and coming revolutionists, Trickstar!

The winner will be illuminated by the light! Spotlights, go ahead ☆

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render


I had a vague hunch that it would be like this, but actually experiencing it is indeed bitter.

I haven't tasted it in a long time, this hardship. This is... the taste of defeat.


Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Uo (yawn), how bright. Miss, step a bit more towards the front. I am bad with the light...

Congratulations ♪

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

Tadaa ♪ The result is as you can see!

And what we can see here is... it's a totally unexpected result!

The ones who ruled tonight's S1 are the miraculous unit which pulled apart from the others with a wide margin by number of votes, grasping victory! Trickstar ☆

The student council's undefeated legend has finally come to an end! Everyone gathered here! Do you understand the implications of this?

The school is trembling with the commotion the students are stirring up, can everyone feel it?

In this very moment, Yumenosaki Academy is moving at an incredible pace! A fissure is forming, a new wind is starting to blow!

Light flows in which shines upon the new stars!

Congratulations, Trickstar! You are the winners, you are number one ☆

Translation: Freddie24f
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