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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Kingdom 70.png
Location: Auditorium
(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

I get it, the transfer student... That is indeed a good idea, you say some good things from time to time, Akehoshi.

All the members of Trickstar are equals, we are all second years. The one who stands at the top or in other words the one who leads us is the transfer student.

This composition is easy to understand and accept.

Sailors used to put a goddess statue on the bow of the ship in the past, they were said to prevent shipwrecks. To us the transfer student is such an existence.

She is our goddess of victory. I don't have any complaints if she is our leader.

(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed.png

Isn't that good? The transfer student is not an idol so she couldn't stand on the stage, but she made our outfits and helped with all kinds of miscellaneous tasks.

You're our producer so we'll choose you as you're in the highest position ♪

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed.png

I think that's good too!

I also want to stand on the same stage with her for at least one time at the end. Come on over, transfer student!

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Well, I do think we should also ask for the transfer student's opinion. We all hope for you to become our leader, though.

Please do come up on the stage. You are our representative.

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render.png

...They are calling for you, transfer student-san.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render.png

Go, go! I'd like to be in your shoes, how enviable ♪

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render.png

That's right, if you run away now with your tail between your legs that would be uncool. Please liven up Hokuto-senpai's big moment ♪

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Everyone from the audience, please don't leave your seats yet. We're counting on you to cheer us on 'till the end!

Oh? You're here, transfer student! Over here, I'll pull you up.

Let me introduce you to everyone! This girl is our producer ☆

In this Yumenosaki Academy which only specialized in the nurturing of male idols until now, she has been enrolled as an experiment, she is the very first student in the producer course.

She is our benefactor who has supported us from both the shadows and the light!

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

We were able to climb this high, because she was there for us.

If we look like idols who are able to shine brightly even at the peak of the heavens, then that is because of her.

Thank you, transfer student. Let's stand side by side on this stage and gaze at this brilliant scenery.

(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed.png

Hehe. We can't quite let our shoulders down, as the results aren't announced yet. If we were to lose now, then that would be really embarrassing.

But I feel like we made a difference! We used everything we had!

It's a really awesome and pleasant feeling! If I were just doing office work at the student council room, surely I wouldn't have been able to come to feel like this.

I will never forget this feeling, this scenery. This view on top of the stage that I am seeing now with every one of you.

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed.png

I am also feeling really satisfied. It feels like I really am alive, I never thought I'd be able to see such a scenery.

I don't care what Izumi-san or whoever else says, I am truly glad that I became an idol.

Being able to become your friend and walk the same path as you, it's the greatest happiness.

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render.png

Everyone! Please line up over there!

Taking pictures isn't allowed inside the auditorium but... After all this, rules don't matter anymore, I want to preserve your greatest smiles in a picture!

Please smile, I want you to show me your brilliant smiles! We will aim for that brilliance and we too will work hard as idols...!

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Normally I wouldn't go along with people playing around but...

Today the skies are clear, I'm in a good mood.

Transfer student, come stand in the middle. Let's take him up on his offer and take a commemorative picture.

(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed.png

Hm~ How should I say it, it feels the best when there's five of us. It's nicely balanced with the transfer student in the middle.

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed.png

I'm bad with photographs though... Well, it's fine, everyone together! Peace ☆

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Ahaha ♪ This sparkling moment will forever remain in both the picture and our memories ☆

Translation: Freddie24f
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