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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Auditorium
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render.png


Wow, they're amazing~! Akehoshi-senpai is shining more than anyone~♪

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render.png

He's pretty awesome, too, but I think Hokuto-senpai is amazing, too! He sang the difficult melody flawlessly! Flawlessly! You're so cool, Hokuto-senpai~☆

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render.png

*Munch munch* Guys, don't cling onto the Transfer Student from both sides like that. You're getting way too excited, yanno. Neechan's gonna suffocate, yanno?

You guys should have some popcorn and calm down in the meantime, yanno.

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render.png

Is this the time to be eating~!? I mean, you're being noisy! Because I'm concentrating on watching right now! Because I'm enjoying myself right now!

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render.png

He's right, Mitsuru-kun! Uwaa, but I can't see what's in front properly because I'm moved to tears~!

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render.png

W-whoa. Both Hajime-chan and Tomo-chan are like completely different people, yanno... This is the first time where I'm the calmest one, yanno?

But it's actually really awesome, yanno! It's so much fun~☆

Nyahaha, watching a performance sure is comfortable. We Ra*bits wanted to perform in front of a huge crowd like this too, yanno...♪

Good luck good luck, our bi~g bros in Trickstar! You're sparkling the most, yanno...☆

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Thanks! I heard your cheers!

Your yanno-yanno's are as noisy as ever~

But it lifts our spirits! Thanks, yanno ♪

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render.png

Don't take my "yanno"~! But I'm happy to see that my cheering got through to you ☆

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Ahaha, are you guys having fun~? Your most sparkly smiles are shining even brighter than the cyalumes ☆

I feel great~ I'm really happy, too! That I got to see you all today!

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi CG2.png
(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

Transfer Student, are you enjoying yourself too~?

Show us more and more of your smile ☆

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed.png


(I bet Akehoshi isn't thinking at all, but... he's addressing the audience, waving his hands, and getting everyone excited. He's giving the best performance very naturally.)

(As expected of him. But I have a feeling he'd hop down into the audience and frolic about if we left him on his own.)

(He must feel like he's just innocently playing around, but for Akehoshi, it's fine that way.)

(Let's turn this auditorium... into a playground full of infinite joy and happiness instead of a stiff concert hall.)

(It's been superb up until now. The programme selection was perfect; it was right to ask the Transfer Student for her opinion.)

(As a matter of fact, things are going far too well, to the point that it's frightening.)

(We started off with all the members of Trickstar singing one of the songs from our repertoire. With this, we finished Trickstar's introduction for the many members in the audience who are seeing us for the first time.)

(I'm sure during the first song, the audience would have started thinking about who they'll support among those in Trickstar... and who they'll pay attention to.)

(And starting with the song after that, it'll be a medley that focuses on each of us, one at a time. Akehoshi was first, then me, and now Isara has become the focus and is livening things up.)

(Akehoshi, who was first, has captivated the audience in one go. There's beauty in Akehoshi, a dazzling talent that glitters more than anyone else.)

(He dominated the auditorium in an instant and enthralled the entirety of the audience like a bombing raid.)

(Because of that, it seems the audience has already forgotten all about the units before us... 2wink who stepped down earlier, UNDEAD, and of course, Akatsuki.)

(They're in a trance watching Trickstar.)

(All that's left is to prolong the momentum the way that it is. That would be my role as the second player.)

(Dream Festivals are long lives and although there aren't many units participating this time around, it's like a marathon. There are people in the audience who are feeling listless and are starting to lose interest.)

(There, I take aim and strike with a song. I turn my gaze, the movements of my body, the smile on my face towards them. The bored and tired audience will recover as if they have been slapped on the cheek.)

(That was my role. This is, again, all going according to plan.)

(I'm the sniper; I take down those who survive Akehoshi's bombing raid, one by one.)

(He is a genius, but he's also moody and is still far too self-centered. There are many areas he has overlooked.)

(But I'll be the one to cover them. My vision has broadened with the special training of the twins. I have the leeway to smile and look over the entire venue.)

(I'll shoot them down, one by one, with my sniper rifle.)

(Everyone here will become involved; this is a battlefield. Not a single one will be able to escape from Trickstar. They'll become victims who'll have their hearts shot out or who'll possibly be burned down to nothing.)

(That is the ideal. I still can't afford to lower my guard, but things are going smoothly right now. It even feels like a dream.)

(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka CG2.png
(Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka Dialogue Render Bloomed.png

(Of course, this isn't only to the audience right in front of us...)

(But also to the students who are bound right to their very core by the "common sense thus far" at Yumenosaki Academy. I want to send them our dreams... our song.)

(To those who willingly abided by that as if they were being brainwashed, I want to send our revolutionary song to you!)

Translation: Creampuffs
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