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As the son of a Buddhist priest, he tends to drone on when giving lectures. While he may seem overly serious, and perhaps a bit moody, he becomes slightly vulnerable when unexpected incidents occur. He carries out captivating performances with the flow of his mellow singing voice.

He serves as the leader of AKATSUKI from Rhythm Link.

Ensemble Stars! Profile

Born and raised in a Buddhist temple, Keito is childhood friends with Eichi, and they often enjoy drinking tea together. He was friends with third year Rei Sakuma before they entered the academy. He's fair-minded and will never find fault with those who follow the rules, but violators will receive a long sermon from him. He has very sharp ears. The leader of the unit AKATSUKI.


[enstars!! appearance]

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Keito is a relatively tall young man with a rather slim, almost lanky, build. He has smooth, dark, moss-colored hair that is parted in the middle and cut short just below his ears. His eyes are a light yellow-green. He wears grey rimmed, thin glasses that are heptagonal in shape. He wears his school uniform done up neatly, his shirt and blazer completely buttoned up, together with a green tie. He wears brown dress shoes with black trims and laces.

On stage, Keito wears AKATSUKI's uniform, which is reminiscent of traditional Japanese clothes. It includes a one-sleeved fur trimmed red and white kimono with a yellow striped sleeve. The top right side of the kimono has a decorated collar and looks like a red shirt with a sleeve that matches the bottom of the kimono. The bottom part is red with white paint splotches, and he wears black fitted pants underneath. The outfit includes a black obi tied to the side, with red cords hanging from it. He wears high black boots with black laces. He also wears white athletic tape on his left wrist and a black, gold-trimmed glove on the other hand. He can occasionally be seen holding a purple tinted fan.


At first he appears quiet and almost shy, having been described as a “quiet glasses guy” by fellow AKATSUKI member Kuro. However, when he has passion towards something, he becomes incredibly determined and loud-mouthed. Keito is highly serious, and takes any jobs he is given with the utmost of importance. Even if a job makes him uncomfortable or confused, he will fulfill it to the best of his abilities. This is what helps make him a talented leader for both AKATSUKI, and before graduating, the Archery Club.

Keito appears to have a fondness for traditional Japanese culture, having been raised in a Buddhist temple. He acts like an idealized Japanese man- strict on rules, smart, and serious- and is the leader of the academy’s traditional-based unit. Despite that, he’s able to acknowledge that AKATSUKI will occasionally need to break from their traditional roots, as “traditional” comes across as “stiff” to many, limiting their fans.

He can seem condescending and cold at first, but Keito truly cares for others. He’s good at taking care of people around him, however, he doesn’t often let others care for him. He bottles up emotions and shifts any and all work assigned onto himself, oftentimes overworking himself. He’s not good at expressing emotions, and won’t normally let others know how he is feeling either, especially regarding if he is stressed or upset.

Keito is easily flustered and overwhelmed when it comes to things he cannot understand. As he is very intelligent, he’s used to always comprehending information thrown at him, to a degree that he hardly knows how to react when he cannot handle things himself. Despite being flustered in situations like those, he is still determined to carry on and stay independent. This need for perceived independence is shown to be a deeper insecurity of his, one that makes his relationship with others complicated, especially Rei due to his habit of relying on him.[1][2]

In comparison to his peers, he is strikingly normal. His hobbies are rather typical, albeit a tad bit “dorky” being as he likes to read and write manga, as well as draw under the name Mizuhanome-sensei.[3] Unlike most of the cast, he has what is seen to be a standard personality—he has traits that wouldn't be considered odd or unusual to find in a Japanese student. Despite this, he seemingly tolerates and occasionally even likes people with traits considered to be odd, such as Eichi and Rei, his childhood friends.

Keito tends to insult or hassle those around him, including the other members of AKATSUKI. He’ll often scold them for being late, and insult them for being “muscle daruma”. Often times it appears he does not do this with any ill intent, and it is just habit for him to bluntly state things, without regard to if they are negative or positive. Because of this, he can seem rude and almost unapproachable at first glance. His instinct to fuss and hurl insults is actually said to be how he shows concern, and will often times imply that he cares about the person he is bugging more often than not.[4]


The character for "Kei" (敬) in Keito's first name means "respect," which may be related to his rigid attitude regarding matters of following the rules. The character for "Hasu" (蓮) in his last name means "lotus," which has a clear connection with Buddhism and the fact that Keito's family is in charge of a Buddhist temple.


  • Keito's autograph consists of his full name, rendered in kanji. The style is cursive and displays great penmanship.
  • He dislikes large animals (ex. horses) due to trauma from when he was younger: every time he misbehaved, he would get locked in a room with giant Buddha statues.[5]
  • However, he does like small animals quite a bit.[6]
  • He enjoys manga, and sometimes reads it on his phone instead of doing student council work.[7]
  • He used to be in the library committee with Tsumugi.[8]
  • His dream was to become a mangaka, but he instead became an idol because he wanted to become "character within a wonderful story". [9]
  • He used to create manga under the pen name Mizuhanome and still sometimes uses that name for the posters he occasionally draws for the school. Anzu is one of his fans. A fan work he made under that name (the continuation of a manga series of whose author died) is mentioned in Biblio.[10]
  • He is the reason that the archery range is extraterritorial; because it was a den for delinquents, he used his authority in the student council to loosen the rules and physically drive them out.[11]
  • He would often be with Eichi whenever the latter was hospitalized when they were children.
  • Keito is stated to be fairly good at ventriloquism.[12]
  • Eichi has referred to him as the "adorable angel of Death" before.
  • Rei, Keito, and Koga were in a unit called DEADMANZ (Other spellings used are Deadman's and Deadmans) in their previous year. They had a limited time unit skill throughout the associated event.

Voice Actor Comment

"If I have to describe the character Keito Hasumi in one word, then I would say that he's the 'viscous type,' who is usually conservative, moralistic, mild-mannered, but occasionally explosive when his emotions become bottled up to a certain extent. This is something I kept in mind as I portrayed this character. He's calm and composed, highly capable, somewhat condescending, extremely sharp-eared, and seemingly standoffish, but I think he's actually a caring guy who's good at looking out for others. Please regard Keito-kun kindly."[13] (Enstars!)

"Congratulations on the release of the new chapter and new app. I'd be happy if you can feel how much the characters have grown, especially Keito-kun. Please continue to give us your support."[14][15] (Enstars!!)

Keito Hasumi
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