Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Kaoru Hakaze Sub Story Part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Classroom

Ah, there you are—Tenkousei-chan, hellooo ♪

Now now, no running away just 'cause you saw my face.

Hmmm. You really have your guard up against me, don't you, Tenkousei-chan? Have I done something to you, I wonder~?

Our first meeting was the worst? I don't know about that~

If you ask me, I think it was the best first encounter ♪

Ahaha, I guess I did suddenly come onto you when we first met. Anyone would be cautious if it seemed like they were about to be kidnapped and taken somewhere~

But aren’t those sort of encounters also lovely?

Tenkousei-chan appears to be the serious and earnest type through and through, so maybe you don’t really get it?

It’s 'cause it’s such a horrible first meeting that you become interested in the other person—it happens a lot in shoujo manga. Oh, you don’t read shoujo manga?

I don’t really read it either, you know. Ah, but I do read the books that are recommended for girls.

Going out with a girl looks simple but it’s pretty difficult. Like, it’s really important to also match up your hobbies and all~

That’s why I also read shoujo manga even though I have no interest in it.

“I don’t particularly have an interest in it, but if it’s for you, my love……” Something along those lines, you follow?

With girls, if you do something for their sake or think of them as special and act so, they’ll be really pleased~

Even you must feel happy when someone does something for you, right? All the more so if it’s from the boy you’re interested in.

Well, that’s my reason for also somewhat reading the books all the girls seem to enjoy. It’s also my secret trick to keep the relationship going.

So on that note, won’t you tell me what your interests are and what you like?

I can’t leave you with that horrible first impression—I’ll have to fix my reputation starting from now~

Hey now, I’ve made you put your guard up even more. Tsk-tsk-tsk—don’t be afraid~ C’mon out from under that table, won’t you.

Hmmm, well this is troubling. Tenkousei-chan, are you the type to not open up and let others in?

But you seem on pretty good terms with “Trickstar”, you know. I even heard that you made their Unit outfit for them?

Maybe if I was also in “Trickstar”, then I’d get to be friendly with Tenkousei-chan~ But even saying that, I guess it can’t really be helped.

Oh well—I’ll give up for today.

Looks like Tenkousei-chan’s feelings won’t change even if I keep persisting about it~?

Ah! Just now—you let your guard down. But what a shame~

Despite appearances, I’m pretty obstinate, you know. I won’t do anything to make you uncomfortable though—honest, I swear ♪

See you later then, Tenkousei-chan.

I’d be happy if we could talk some more the next time we run into each other ♪

Translator: Nhi
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