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The kind of guy who gets motivated when women spoil him. Surfing is his hobby. In spite of the easygoing, flirtatious behavior, Kaoru is considerate and cares for his friends. He's got a mellow, husky voice that goes along with his gorgeous performances.

A member of Rhythm Link and UNDEAD.

Ensemble Stars! Profile

A carefree, happy-go-lucky guy who goes at his own pace. He loves girls and utilizes all of his passion during a live show just for them.

He's on good terms with fellow Marine Biology Club member Kanata Shinkai, but on the flip side their junior Souma Kanzaki absolutely hates him. His hobby is surfing and so he loves the beach. Kaoru hates being tied down to anything thanks to growing up in such a strict household.

A member of the unit UNDEAD. He shows off his charm alongside their leader Rei Sakuma as one of their two star attractions whenever he feels motivated enough.


Kaoru is a tall young man with a good build. He has dull, dark blonde, slightly long and unkempt hair in a mullet that stops at his shoulders and curls outwards. He has light brown eyes.

[enstars!! stage appearance]

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Kaoru is a tall young man with a good build. He has dull, dark blonde, slightly long and unkempt hair that stops at his shoulders and curls outwards. He has light brown eyes. He wears the school uniform with the white shirt unbuttoned to his chest and with a black shirt underneath. He doesn't wear a tie. His shirt is tucked in and he wears a brown leather belt with a yellow buckle. He also wears a necklace with a white pendant. He wears dark brown shoes that buckle across the top.

On stage he wears UNDEAD's uniform. It includes a fur-lined jacket with half sleeves. It has double buttons on the front, outlined in red. The sides of the arms of the jacket are grey with a white pattern. The lining on the jacket is white. He wears a dark grey v-necked shirt that's tucked in. He also wears a dark grey belt, with a golden buckle. On the side, there's a dark grey bandanna with a white pattern. It has a golden beaded chain. He wears black pants and black boots with yellow buckles on the sides. He wears a silver dog tag necklace with two tags, and black finger-less gloves that have a white stripe on the side on each hand. The outfit also has a black peaked cap, decorated with a silver beaded chain across the top.


Kaoru is a cheerful person who often brightens up the atmosphere. His speech and his actions are easygoing and casual, and he’s easy to talk to and can hold a conversation well. He has been shown to get along with a variety of individuals others may consider eccentric or aloof, such as Rei Sakuma, Izumi Sena, Kanata Shinkai, and Nagisa Ran. He also has a penchant for teasing the people he’s close to and are easy to rile up, such as Koga Oogami and Souma Kanzaki. Overall, his laid-back behaviour makes him a sunny presence and a good conversation partner.

Although he may seem carefree and frivolous in temperament, he does his job seriously and gives his all in his idol work. He has been acknowledged by his colleagues as a genuinely good and hard-working individual. It is mentioned by Aira that although his stage image is that of a careless playboy, his current behaviour, which has mellowed out from his time in high school, must be his true self.

Despite him constantly teasing his colleagues and peers, Kaoru truly cares for them and offers his assistance, even though it may be unneeded at times. He holds his peers in high regards and acknowledges the gap in skills between them, and enjoys watching his juniors’ growth. Though he may sometimes complain about it, he consistently takes care of those who needs help and relents to their whims often, earning recognition as a reliable person.

As reliable as he may be, however, there is a side to him that desires validation from others, due to the loss of his mother and the conservative nature of his unsupportive family. During his time in high school, he sought after girls searching for someone who could act as a motherly figure to him and wrap him in love, and states that his reason for becoming an idol was because he likes being loved more than loving others. Though he has mostly come to terms with this and vowed to stop playing with girls, a part of him that wants to look good surfaces at times, particularly around Anzu.

While Kaoru mostly tries to keep the mood light and casual, a more wistful side of him emerges at times in his speech and songwriting, particularly when it concerns his family. He has been known to cry in multiple stories due to this, though he actively tries to hide it and keep a strong face. However, he will open up to the people he’s close to, most notably Kanata and Anzu. He cherishes his mother and siblings deeply, and often expresses regret that he left them to deal with all the hard work and that he hasn’t been able to spend more time with his mother, who passed sometime prior to his enrollment at Yumenosaki Academy. However, he has come to terms with his current standing with his family, and simply wants the people he loves to be happy.


Kaoru's first name (薫) means "fragrance," which may be related to his ability to tell girls apart by their scents. His last name consists of two characters which respectively mean "wing" (羽) and "wind" (風), befitting of his carefree personality.

  • The word 薫風 (read kunpū or kaorukaze) is a seasonal word used in Japanese poetry associated with early summer. It means "a gentle wind with the fragrance of new, green leaves."


  • Kaoru's autograph consists of only his first name rendered in Roman letters. The autograph also features a little heart — an apt representation of his playboy status — and a wing motif, likely inspired by his last name.
  • He loves desserts, hence why his favorite food is pancakes.
  • He reads shoujo manga to understand girls better.[1]
  • He is good at housework, such as cooking and cleaning.[2]
  • The only instrument he can play is the recorder.

Voice Actor Comment

"He has so many embarrassing lines, but I actually had a lot of fun portraying him (laugh). Personally, this is the first time I've had the experience of voicing a character, so it became a very memorable work for me! I hope everyone will enjoy it~ ♪" (Enstars!)

"Congratulations on the release of Ensemble Stars!! Music! Enstars has infinite potential, and I’m personally really excited to see how things will unfold in the future! I would be glad to experience the excitement of seeing what Hakaze-kun and the rest of Enstars will become with all of you♪ Please continue to support us!" * (Enstars!!)

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