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Start: 2016/5/01
End: 2016/5/15 at 11:59PM JST

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How to Play

Which of the good-looking young idols will the sisters choose? The official Ensemble Stars! Twitter account (@ensemble_stars) will post pictures with clues.

  • If a picture gets retweeted 5,000 times, more hints will follow.
  • If you can figure out the characters' identities, post your guess with the hashtags #恭子さんが選んだのは or #美香さんが選んだのは ("Kyōko chooses," "Mika chooses").
  • Multiple guesses are O.K. Those who guess correctly will get a "special present."
Kyoko's Hint 1.jpg
Kyoko's Hint 1:

"Someone who's very confident, with an intellectual side and a cute smile"

Mika's Hint 1:
"A person that over good looks have serious inner personality, someone sincere"

Mika's Hint 1.jpg
Kyoko's Hint 2.jpg
Kyoko's Hint 2:

"Someone who, even if they were younger, wouldn't feel conscious about it. I like it when they think age is just a number. They need to be pure too"

Mika's Hint 2:
"Someone who can do their best and soothe the atmosphere around them is what I find charming"

Mika's Hint 2.jpg
Kyoko's Hint 3.jpg
Kyoko's Hint 3:

"I actually got lost in 3 totally different types of people. The person I chose is the most original and unpredictable."

Mika's Hint 3:
"Thinking of everyone, a mood-maker who makes everyone surrounding him enjoy themselves with all his might, is a thing I think is nice"

Mika's Hint 3.jpg