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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Kanata Shinkai Sub Story Part 2.png
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Terrace

puka puka… ♪ it’s the afternoon ♪

afternoon means time for “lunch”. if you don’t eat “lunch” then you’ll get hungry… ♪

is tenkousei-san also eating “lunch”?

what a coincidence~ the chair in front of me is free, here here—please have a seat… ♪

now then, let’s dig in ♪

aaah, i forgot something “important”~ tenkousei-san, could you pass me the “soy sauce”…?

thank you ♪ i can’t have “lunch” without “soy sauce” you know

the “cafeteria” has “soy sauce”, but the “school canteen” doesn’t so it’s troubling…

that’s why i always have “lunch” in the “cafeteria”… ♪

is tenkousei-san also heading for the “school canteen” then?

i also want to try going to the “school canteen”, but if they don’t have “soy sauce” then it really is troubling…

bring the “soy sauce” with me?

how nice… ♪ i didn’t think of that “idea”

next time, i’ll bring the “soy sauce” with me to the “school canteen”~ thanks for the “advice”… ♪

puka puka ♪ the “rice” looks delicious, doesn’t it ♪

“soy sauce” on the “croquette”, “soy sauce” on the “rice”~

in the “miso soup” and on the “pickled vegetables” as well… ♪

tenkousei-san, you’re making a “strange” face

“soy sauce” shouldn’t be poured onto “rice” and into “miso soup”…?

i really love “soy sauce”—i also really love the “water”, but i love them both the same

if you have “lots” of the things you love then that’s happiness… ♪

that’s why i’ll pour it on “everything”~ i’m happy with lots of happiness… ♪

hm? it’s good to have moderation?

that’s true~ happiness should be “savoured” little by little

if you “savour” lots of it then the “excitement” will be “halved”

i’ll make sure to pour the “soy sauce” little by little from now on~

as thanks for giving me “advice”, i’ll “share” with you my happiness

i’ll pour the “soy sauce” for tenkousei-san… ♪

T/L Note: I’ve purposely left Kanata’s speech (somewhat) unpunctuated and all in lowercase to imitate the similar feeling when reading his story in Japanese. He speaks without the use of kanji and very slowly… Reading this can distract the eyes sometimes and you’re left taking way longer to finish the story than if it had kanji in it…
Translator: Nhi
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