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Jun has a complicated relationship with his family. They used to direct and support him to be a great idol, and Jun used to be really excited doing his idol lessons; he dreamt to become the Super Idol himself one day. However, something happened in the past when Jun started to learn about idols by himself that caused his father to get worse; this turned around their small happy life in a terrible way. Jun wasn't able to remember that he used to had some happy moments in his childhood, as he only remembered the days where his father forced him to train as an idol to surpass Jin. Jun stated that he rarely goes back to his family's house and only calls them once in a while to check on their condition.


She was fan of Jun's father during his idol days. She has been said to be someone who wants to stay looking after Jun's father forever, even when nobody else is looking at him anymore. She often tells Jun that he'll grow up to be like his dad, an amazing idol, and watching Jun grow to be like him makes her very happy.

When Jun learned the truth about his father, she became unstable and started crying all the time. She is always sorry to Jun about what happened in their family. She did her best talking things out with Jun's father to fix their mistakes; she also stays to take care of Jun's father, and keeps him out of the money he earned during his peak idol days so it won't be wasted by him.[1]





A former idol who was active between Seiya's era and Jin's era. He was an active idol in the past that could be worthy enough to be counted as the Super Idol.[2] Unfortunately for him, before he manage to reach the peak of his career and write his name in the history as one of a legend, his popularity began to decline. The agency that handled Jin took advantage of Jun's father's condition and decided to use him as a stepping stone to promote Jin.

During a match with Jin in which he was rigged to lose, he made Jin promise that he would never quit being an idol as he was forced to retired from the stage. Not long after that, Jin also disappeared from the idol industry after a huge scandal and retired, betraying the promise he made. Years later, Jun's father sent Jin a CD of the live with the statement that Jin was a liar.[3]

He used to be a kind and very serious person, but because of some problems he exploded; Jun said that he became someone he was not. He forced Jun to take over his grudge to overcome Jin so he'll be able to make Jin pay for his sins. Jun sometimes speaks about his father's grudge being a burden that was forced onto him, and connects to Subaru because of this.

His condition seems to get better after Jun joins Eden. He received an invitation from the Saga Plan, but refused to take part in it. Hiyori said they were worried that Jun's father will talk about Saga with him, but because Jun almost never comes back to his family's home, they didn't bother to think much about that. Jun said that he actually does call them once in a while, but he's afraid of his father constantly mentioning the past, so he doesn't come over. Based on the video that appears in Rebirth Live, it appears that Jun's father is already in good condition, and according to Hiyori he appears to be a very kind dad who's just proud to see his son grow well.

In Lullaby it was revealed that Jun's father made an investment to support the new idols in an organization ran by ES and attempted to have a talk with Jin to sort out their past. Jin was afraid at first, so he dragged Akiomi to go with him; the talk ended up going well. He said that he used to raised Jun with Jin as the goal. and watching Jun grow up now makes him feel like Jun has somehow started to resemble Jin a lot more than his father; this makes Jun's father feel lonely.




Bloody Mary (Pet Dog)

A dog that Hiyori and Jun picked up off the street.[4] Their dorm at Reimei Academy does not allow animals, so they had to keep her hidden. After Hiyori moved into the ES Dorms, she started living in his ES dorm room.[5]


She is a small brown dog with black fur on her back and upright ears. She has darker brown coloring on her paws. She wears a green collar with a silver buckle.


  • Bloody Mary most closely resembles the terrier dog type, specifically the Yorkshire Terrier breed.
  • She was found rummaging through the garbage looking for food and covered in blood, hence her being named Bloody Mary.
  • It's possible she was abandoned by her previous owner due to her weak body. Due to her upbringing, she is very timid and can't be left alone with other dogs.[6]


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