Jun Sazanami
"Honestly, I feel like I'm a servant of a selfish princess..."
Unit Eve logo cropped
Class 2-S
Club Tennis Club
Age 16
Height 173cm
Weight 61kg
Handedness Right-handed
Blood Type O
Birthday August 16th
Likes Reading in quiet places
Dislikes Harrassment from Hiyori
Family Parents
Hobby Sarcasm
Specialty Improvised posing
Voice Actor Yuuma Uchida (内田 雄馬)
First Debut (Game)
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Jun Sazanami Voice Sample 2
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A second-year student at Reimei Academy. Despite his calm demeanor, he keeps a certain distance from people. While being swayed by the free-spirited Hiyori, he will seriously accomplish any job he's told to do. A member of the units "Eve" and "Eden".

Due to his school's hierarchy-focused structure, he speaks very politely to others in work-related environments. He is otherwise casual and tends to be sarcastic, especially regarding any treatment he endures from Hiyori.



  • Jun's father was a rival of Jin Sagami in the past. According to Guilty of Perjury, they used to compete a lot on TV, and the agency set up Jun's father to be the loser in order to boost Jin's popularity. Jin promised to always stay as an idol in return for crushing his dreams, but retired soon after. Jun's father then sent him a VHS tape and a note calling Jin a liar. Because of the baggage his father left him with, Jun feels a kinship with Subaru, who also has a reputation attached to his last name.
  • Eden are like a shadow-archetype of Trickstar. For Jun, he could be the shadow-archetype of Makoto. They're hardworking, socially-awkward and good with technology. They're also horribly aware that they're the least talented of their units, but they train hard to become good idols. But Jun only sees his comrades as means to an end, unlike Makoto who genuinely treasures his friends.


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Character Name Jun's Nickname Nickname for them
Anzu (Protagonist) · Sazanami-kun (漣くん) · Anzu-san (あんずさん)
Hajime Shino mini
Hajime Shino
Hinata Aoi mini
Hinata Aoi
Midori Takamine mini
Midori Takamine
Mitsuru Tenma mini
Mitsuru Tenma
Shinobu Sengoku mini
Shinobu Sengoku
Sora Harukawa mini
Sora Harukawa
Tetora Nagumo mini
Tetora Nagumo
Tomoya Mashiro mini
Tomoya Mashiro
Tori Himemiya mini
Tori Himemiya
Tsukasa Suou mini
Tsukasa Suou
Yuta Aoi mini
Yuta Aoi
Adonis Otogari mini
Adonis Otogari
Arashi Narukami mini
Arashi Narukami
Hokuto Hidaka mini
Hokuto Hidaka
Koga Oogami mini
Koga Oogami
Makoto Yuuki mini
Makoto Yuuki · Sazanami-kun (漣くん) · Yuuki-san (遊木さん)
Mao Isara mini
Mao Isara · Isara-san (衣更さん)
Mika Kagehira mini
Mika Kagehira
Natsume Sakasaki mini
Natsume Sakasaki
Ritsu Sakuma mini
Ritsu Sakuma
Souma Kanzaki mini
Souma Kanzaki
Subaru Akehoshi mini
Subaru Akehoshi · Jun-Jun (じゅんじゅん) · Akehoshi-san (明星さん)
Yuzuru Fushimi mini
Yuzuru Fushimi
Chiaki Morisawa mini
Chiaki Morisawa
Eichi Tenshouin mini
Eichi Tenshouin
Izumi Sena mini
Izumi Sena
Kanata Shinkai mini
Kanata Shinkai
Kaoru Hakaze mini
Kaoru Hakaze
Keito Hasumi mini
Keito Hasumi
Kuro Kiryu mini
Kuro Kiryu
Leo Tsukinaga mini
Leo Tsukinaga
Nazuna Nito mini
Nazuna Nito
Rei Sakuma mini
Rei Sakuma
Shu Itsuki mini
Shu Itsuki
Tsumugi Aoba mini
Tsumugi Aoba · Sazanami-kun (漣くん)
Wataru Hibiki mini
Wataru Hibiki
Madara Mikejima mini
Madara Mikejima
Akiomi Kunugi Mini
Akiomi Kunugi
Jin Sagami Mini
Jin Sagami · Sagami Jin (佐賀美陣)
Reimei Academy
Hiyori Tomoe mini
Hiyori Tomoe · Jun-kun (ジュンくん) · Ohii-san (おひいさん)
Jun Sazanami mini
Jun Sazanami · Ore (オレ)
Shuuetsu Academy
Nagisa Ran mini
Nagisa Ran · Jun (ジュン)
Ibara Saegusa mini
Ibara Saegusa · Ibara (茨)
Mademoiselle mini
Daikichi mini
Leon mini
King mini
Ruka Tsukinaga Mini
Adonis' Sisters

Voice Actor Comment

"The impression this character gives people is that usually, he's always drifting from place to place, and he's calm without hurry. However, in reality, he has his own ways of thinking hidden within his heart. There's kind of a feeling of being unable to see through him to this character, so I look forward to how he'll interact with, and in turn, develop alongside the other characters, and the story that follows up to that!" (Note: This particular voice actor comment is translated off of the Chinese Ensemble Stars website.)

Jun Sazanami
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