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Through his father's former past as an idol, Jun has a deep connection with Jin Sagami. He is diligent and passionate in nature, but turns foul-mouthed whenever he has to deal with Hiyori Tomoe. Singing with a husky voice akin to rippling waters, he delivers performances charged with energy.

He is currently a member of Cosmic Production's Eden.[1]

I'm Jun Sazanami, and I belong to a unit called Eden from COSMIC PRODUCTION. Let's see... My specialty is tennis-playing, and I spend most of my days off reading. ...Is that a bit too ordinary for an idol? Besides my personal life, I'll tell you about my charms in my live performances and work, so please take a look at those. Eden is the pinnacle of the modern idol industry. As a member of this unit, I'm giving my best effort, and I'll make you crazy about me. ♪[1]

If His Excellency and His Highness are the light of Eden, then I suppose myself and Jun are the shadows that accompany them. But recently, he seems to be growing day by day as a shining idol himself. Well, I envy him! Unlike Jun, I have a great deal of work to do, like running my company and management work! ...No, of course, it's a pleasure, yes? It is my sincerest hope that this "pawn" will continue to become stronger. ♪ Hahaha! ☆[1]

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Ensemble Stars! Introduction

A second-year student at Reimei Academy. Despite his calm demeanor, he keeps a certain distance from people. While being swayed by the free-spirited Hiyori, he will seriously accomplish any job he's told to do. A member of the units Eve and Eden.

Due to his school's hierarchy-focused structure, he speaks very politely to others in work-related environments. He is otherwise casual and tends to be sarcastic, especially regarding any treatment he endures from Hiyori.[2]


Jun is a young man of average height with a good build. He has spiky dark-blue hair with bangs that cross in the center. His hair is cut shorter, ending right bellow his ears. He has light-golden eyes.


Known for his calm and polite attitude towards others when working, Jun maintains a good reputation and fits in well with the face of society. Although his public appearance of being polite and level-headed is well known, he can be extremely sarcastic and backhanded in nature once no longer in the public eye. He's passionate in his work of being an idol, and is known to be great at what he does. However, he is also seen to be foul-mouthed and sarcastic when working with Hiyori Tomoe, since he has to deal with his eccentric and bold personality.


Jun's first name (ジュン) in kanji form is confirmed by the Chinese version of the game to be 純, which means "genuine/pure", a reference to his blunt but honest and sincere nature, acknowledged by Hiyori when he calls him 'a noble beast who cannot tell lies'[3]. As for Jun's surname, it translates to "ripple (on water)" (漣). Ripples may come to conception shallowly, but its turbulent waves grow and change as its presence becomes ever more apparent on the water's surface. With a similar stride, Jun leaves a lasting impression on many as he finds his apt identity as an idol.


  • During the "Ensemble Stars!" era, Jun was one of the final definitive main characters introduced into the game and storyline.
    • Jun made his "Ensemble Stars!" game debut in the company of Hiyori Tomoe, presenting to audiences as Eve for the first time on July 7, 2017. His unit (alongside Adam and Eden as a whole) was one of the last official units to be announced during the game's lifespan.
    • His late entry to the series makes him one of several characters to be revealed after the game's release, also notably including the idols belonging to Valkyrie, Switch, MaM, and Adam.
  • Jun and the members of Eden are currently the only characters active in two official units at the same time that aren't considered shuffle units or temporary units besides the members of Double Face.
  • He has kept a poster of Jin Sagami on the wall next to his bed ever since childhood and feels uneasy without it.[4]
  • He and Hiyori found a dog on the street that was abandoned by its owner, covered in blood, and decided to take it home. Hiyori named the dog Bloody Mary and kept her in the Reimei dorm room he used to share with Jun in his third year, even though it's against school rules.[5][6] She currently lives in Hiyori's ES dorm room.[7]
    • She is confirmed to be a Yorkshire Terrier.[8]
  • Jun is of a prominently disciplined nature in opposition to the fanciful, spirited forces that are Eden's head seniors, paralleling Ibara's stringent work ethic in many ways. As noted by Hiyori, Jun is keen on upholding consistent routines and habits, subsequently prioritizing his well-being with integrity.[9]
  • He is enthusiastic about working out, and will often spend his days off exercising if he has nothing else to do.
  • He plays tennis and is very good at sports in general — he attributes his general athleticism to the intense training he underwent in his childhood[10] and it is to the extent that he can easily leap and scale walls.[11]
  • He likes many kinds of manga, especially shounen manga, and hasn't had much experience reading classical literature.[12]
    • As a child, he wasn't allowed to touch anything that wasn't related to idols. As a result, he had to resort to going to manga cafés in order to read manga.[13]
  • He used to rarely play video games [14], but presumably due to Makoto's influence, he's started playing them more often, even hoping to beat the other in a newly-released game (although he ends up losing).[15]. Nowadays, he says that while he mostly only plays mobile games, he's also interested in other kinds of games, and would have joined something like the Game Research Club if Reimei Academy had one.[16]
  • Before he joined Eden, Jun would work a variety of part-time jobs in between school and idol lessons, such as working as a convenience store cashier, a construction worker, and as a mover at a moving company.[17]
  • He has some degree of cooking knowledge and used to cook for himself and Hiyori when they stayed in their Reimei dorm room together.[18]
  • Sora described his color as "A color that's gotten brighter since Sora first met him[19]".

Voice Actor Comment

"At first, I felt as though this character was the type to always drift from place to place, and that he's calm without hurry, but now I have the impression that he has many secrets hidden within his heart. There's kind of a feeling that there's still much more to learn about him, so I look forward to how he'll interact with, and in turn, develop alongside the other characters!" * (Enstars!)

"Jun! As a member of Eve, Eden, and Ensemble Stars, keep showing us your best live performances!!" * (Enstars!!)

Jun Sazanami
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