Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Jingle Bells 17
Location: Fine Starfes Stage (2nd Half)
Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

Now then. Shall we be going?

It’s finally time for the Starlight Festival’s second half.

We’re about fourth or fifth in line, so we should be up next.

Yuzuru Fushimi Starfes Dialogue Render

Yes. We’re in fourth place, specifically, so according to the program we should be performing fourth from last.

Which means we are in fact going to be up next.

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

Hehe. Well, I suppose this is about what we were expecting, since we didn’t plan on doing much this time…

We had to prepare for the possibility of Trickstar losing, as small as it was.

We needed to make a bunch of calls and scamper around.

It’s not even a week until SS, so making big changes to our plans at this point would be a big deal.

Well, it ended up with us just being worried over nothing, though. Trickstar won the first half by a landslide.

Wataru Hibiki Starfes Dialogue Render

Hehehe. Well, Starfes is essentially being run for Trickstar in the first place.

Everything, including the advertising, was set up so they could stand out and make a name for themselves.

They do deserve to be praised, however… they fought fearlessly to the end, despite being faced with a battle where a single loss, a single moment of carelessness would mean they lost everything.

Amazing! What a good show this has been! Let me applaud for them~ ♪

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

You’re sure looking happy, Wataru… I suppose it makes sense. Your struggling student was able to find his talents and bloom into the star of the stage.

You must be so moved. You can cry, if you want ♪

Wataru Hibiki Starfes Dialogue Render

Oh, you must be joking! I won’t spill a single tear so long as it isn’t written in my script! That’s how a real actor does it… ♪

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

That’s how idols do it, too. Real tears, not part of any show, are truly precious things… but they can’t be merchandise, since it’s impossible to tell when they’ll flow.

We need to give our guests what they’ve paid for. We’ll be sure they receive what they wish of us.

That’s what we call trust.


Tori Himemiya Starfes Dialogue Render

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

What’s wrong, Touri? You’re looking down. Did you want to beat Trickstar, after all?

You can’t stand not being on top every time?

Tori Himemiya Starfes Dialogue Render

That’s not it. Trickstar was really amazing today. They were almost scary… so I think they deserve this.

But um, President… these clothes…

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

Oh, you noticed? Surpri~se ♪

Hehe. It’s our Starfes costumes. I based them off of the designs you submitted.

They were still pretty rough, so I polished up the little details to suit our needs.

That’s why they’re not exactly like what you thought up, but you can tell just by looking that they’re the same thing, right?

You did a really good job drawing them up… my private designer was saying good things about you ♪

Tori Himemiya Starfes Dialogue Render

Oh, I had my sister help. She likes clothes and stuff.

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

Ohh… come to think of it, she’s always wearing a different fancy outfit every time I see her.

I was wondering where she bought those, but it makes sense if she’s been having them custom made.

Tori Himemiya Starfes Dialogue Render

Y-yeah. But more importantly… um. Why these? Didn’t my ideas get rejected?

Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

Yeah. But there were a few parts that we could use, so I did.

Wataru really chewed me out… so I felt ba… no, I changed my mind, just a little.

Your plan was, frankly, far from usable. It was no good at all.

The improved version you showed me today was better… but still not something we could actually use.

But… you brought a plan to me, of your own will, without being ordered to. That agency and budding independence are worthy of praise.

In real life, adults don’t get a gold star for effort, but…

It’s Christmas, so I made an exception ♪

So, well… that’s why I tried to use your ideas in little things like our costume design.

It’s just a little Christmas present from me. I hope you like it.

Tori Himemiya Starfes Dialogue Render


Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render

Honestly, while that plan of yours was misguided, it was well done.

I shouldn’t have been telling you to look at the big picture when we’ve been hiding parts of it from you. You shouldn’t be expected to just guess.

I really do feel bad about criticizing you too harshly. From the bottom of my heart.

I was the one telling you to look at things without bias, but…

I was letting my personal feelings cloud my judgement. I got defensive because it felt like you were touching on things I feel guilty about.

I took my irritation out on you, Touri. Even though you’re still so little, so innocent, so ignorant… I’m such a horrible guy. I’m sorry.

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