Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Jingle Bells 16
Location: Starfes Stage (First Half)
Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render


(...Wow. Trickstar really isn’t all talk.)

(They’re going up on stage over and over, without regard or hesitation, even though they’ll drop out if they lose even a single time in Starfes’s first half.)

(They’re really intense… why are they trying so hard?)

(Is it so they can show how strong they are? Or is it because they want Anzu to be able to relax?)

(No, it’s because… they just want to?)

(What a bunch of weirdos. How can they just plunge forward like this… how can they work so hard?)

(Why… can’t I do the same thing? I got snapped at once, and here I am wilting back.)

Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render

Young master. It’s almost time for us to perform, so let’s get warmed up.

The hall is getting really heated up, thanks to certain someones.

But it’s still midwinter. You’ll catch a chill, so let’s get ourselves good and stretched.

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render

R-right. Is it finally our turn? I’m sick of waiting~. We can’t let Trickstar hog the spotlight!

Let’s show them how real kings do it!

We’re going to start with Trickstar, right? They’re getting ahead of themselves. I bet they’re tired out after so many consecutive fights, so we can beat them no problem!

It sounds like we get to take all of the losing team’s points when we beat them, right?

That means fine can take the throne without breaking a sweat… hehe ♪

Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render

Hm. I do agree that your strategy is solid, but it’s a little vulgar to make off with someone’s hard earned winnings like a bunch of thieves… what do you say, President?

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

H~m, I’m not sure. Leaders should be able to make decisions on the fly, but this is a difficult one.

I don’t think we couldn’t beat Trickstar, but they’ve got their very souls on fire right now.

I don’t want to risk touching them and getting my fingertips burned.

Watching them worked up into a frenzy like that does kind of make me want to just eat them right up, though… ♪

I’ll control myself for now, though… I preached at Touri to “look at the big picture” just recently, after all.

We would have a problem on our hands if Trickstar lost and gave up their right to enter SS.

I was thinking I’d come wring their necks if they were all big words and speeches and then made fools of themselves on stage …

For now, they’re living up to their word. They’re shining so much I can’t even complain.

We’ve spent a lot of money and people on them over the past six months.

We’ve been building things up with a lot of advertising and connections. They can’t just go “actually, never~mind”.

They’re not so little that they can’t figure that out, I’m sure…

But they do make me worried when I watch them up on stage. They’re really a bunch of tricksters.

I guess I was an idiot to think they’d dance around on the palm of my hand, exactly as I predicted.

Jeez. Yumenosaki is just full of problem kids.

Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render

Hehehe! You say that, but you seem to be in a good mood, Eichi! It’s almost time for the showtime we’ve dreamed of!

Ah, no child wouldn’t be thrilled by a visit from Santa-san… ☆

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

My good mood is nothing compared to yours, Wataru. There you go, hopping around…

You’re clearly brimming with energy, so why don’t we go devour every unit we can get our hands on?

I don’t know whether it’s because Trickstar’s rubbing off on them, or because everyone’s been so motivated lately, but…

Every unit is plunging into the battlefield, even though they know a loss means instant death.

We’ve got a veritable buffet on our hands, it’s making me drool… ♪

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render

Uh. Soo, we’re going after other units first, not Trickstar? And that way we’ll save up points?

T-that feels like we’re running away, so I don’t like it…

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

We’re not running away. It’s just, Trickstar’s grown more than we expected, and they’ve got a lot of momentum right now…

We can’t go against them without a plan. I’ll give them that much credit.

But this isn’t a shounen manga. Humans have a limit to their stamina, so they’ll be out of breath eventually.

Well, I guess they might just get away at this rate.

Humans can’t keep going above their limits. They don’t work like that.

Once they’re so tired they can’t lift a finger, we’ll gracefully swoop in and devour them head first.

We’ll pay them back for DDD… ♪

Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render

You’re being unexpectedly malicious, Eichi… is that a grudge you’ve got there, perhaps?

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

It’s my charm point.

...And besides. We can’t let ourselves lose in the first half, even if there’s barely any chance of that happening. I don’t really want to do it, but let’s play things safe.

It’s true that we are running away…

I know it’s hard on you Touri, since you’re so honorable, but you’d be doing me a big favor if you could just be a good boy and go along with it this once.

If you do, I won’t treat you like a child ever again. I’ll treat you like an individual…

A grown adult who can look at the big picture, come up with his own strategies, and dirty his hands if he must.

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render

...If you’re not going to treat me like a child, that means you’ll be strict with me, right? Especially when it comes to work?

Then I can’t exactly clap my hands and ce~lebrate ♪

I guess that’s way better than just getting coddled while you leave me out of everything important, though.

It looks like you didn’t notice, but I’ve gotten a little bigger too… Eichi-sama.

Maybe not big enough to beat Trickstar, but…

Now that I’m just a bit taller, I can see your face up close.

You don’t even need to pick me up first. I just want you to know that… that’s all I want right now.

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

I’ll carve your words into my heart, dear Touri.

Hehe. Since you’re like this, since you’ve been such a good boy… I’ve gotten a special reward, no, a special present ready for you.

Look forward to it. If it makes you smile…

Then maybe the boy who used to be all alone in his hospital room, cursing the whole world, can find some salvation too.

Merry Christmas…

It finally feels real. Today’s Christmas, a fun, fun day ♪

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