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Jin Sagami Manga Profile

"I'm gonna cut out my usual nightcap. This is my promise to my adorable students."
Duty General education
Position School doctor
Age 30
Height 178cm
Weight 65kg
Handedness Right-handed
Blood Type A
Birthday December 11th (Sagittarius)
Likes The infirmary's windowsill
Dislikes People who disturb his naps
Family Parents
Hobby Napping, drinking alcohol
Specialty Taping
Voice Actor Tomoyasu Hishiba (樋柴智康)
First Debut Rebellion - 18 (Game)
Chapter 2 (Manga)

Jin is a sloppy man who couldn't care less about his own appearance. He dislikes exercising. His job is to monitor the students' health, but he completely fails at taking care of himself. He's a physical therapist and is in charge of general education.

He often shuts himself in the infirmary, which has become the base and center of his life, and reads books there. Due to his friendly manner of speaking, he's well-loved by the students. He used to be a celebrity in the past. He met the teacher Akiomi Kunugi during that time, and they've been acquaintances ever since. They share friendly chats every now and then.


Jin is a tall man with long black, messy hair. His hair reaches the bottom of his neck, and he has messily cut bangs. He also has very light stubble on his chin. His eyes are a light, dull brown color. He also has a beauty mark under his right eye. He wears a lab coat that has a few stains on it, with white buttons and the sleeves rolled up to his forearms. The cuffs of his light blue shirt are partly visible under the sleeves. He has a red and a blue pen clipped on the coat's breast pocket. Under his coat, he wears an untucked light blue shirt with the top few buttons undone, and a sloppily tied blue tie. He wears black pants that are rolled up above the ankles, exposing his slightly hairy legs. He wears green slippers. He also wears a silver watch with a black face on his left arm.


  • Jin often takes Akiomi out for drinking.
  • Jin's father is a doctor. He was keen on having Jin follow his footsteps and made him study a lot as a child.
  • Jin's motive for becoming an idol originated from wanting the attention of a beautiful young lady who was admitted in his father's hospital. She eventually dies from leukemia. This is explained in Liar's Idol Mysteries of Yumenosaki Academy." However, this backfired and Akiomi ended up falling in love with Jin without realizing it was him. This is explained in Liar's Idol and briefly touched on in Test of Courage.
  • In Supernova, it is revealed that Jin once performed a hero show, thus earning Chiaki's respect for him.


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Voice Actor Comment

"Since we're the same age, I felt a great affinity for this character and had a lot of fun while acting in his role! I totally fell in love with Sagami-sensei, who's super cute but also surprisingly dependable (laugh).
I hope everyone will enjoy his character as well."

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