Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Model Instruction) Izumi Sena's Idol Road
Izumi Sena Physical Fitness Test 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Entryway
Izumi Sena PE Winter Dialogue Render

Well? What are you just standing around for? Use your brain, would you? You’re in the way.

Ugh, this whole physical fitness test thing is su~ch a pain, but it’d be even more of a pain afterward if I ditched.

Although, it looks like I’ll get to take it with Yuu-kun, so it’s a good thing I came late...♪

Yuu-kun, come walk with Onii-chan. I’ll hold your hand so you don’t get lost ♪

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

Eeep, you’re giving me the creeps! Two grown guys holding hands? Seriously, what’s even going through your head!?

Izumi Sena PE Winter Dialogue Render

Ufufu, you’re cute when you resist toooo...

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

Uuuu, I can’t take this anymore...! Guys, sorry! I’m gonna go ahead without you!

Izumi Sena PE Winter Dialogue Render

Ah, looks like he ran away. I’m not giving up though. I’ll follow him to the ends of the Earth if that’s what it takes to bring the old Yuu-kun back...♪

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

Hokke~ We should hurry and catch up with Ukki! If we don’t, that seaweed-hair sempai is gonna get to him first, and who knows what sort of nasty things he’ll do...!

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Akehoshi, it’s rude to point at your upperclassmen. You’ve got a point though.

It seems like he loses his cool like this whenever Yuuki is concerned. We can’t stand by and let our precious comrade fall into his clutches.

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

Right!? Oh, leave Ukki to us. You just take it easy, Transfer Student!

Sena-sempai, wait up! I’ll never forgive anyone who bullies Ukki~!

Scene Change: 2nd floor passage
Izumi Sena Physical Fitness Test 2 Scene Change 1
Izumi Sena PE Winter Dialogue Render

Yuu-kun? Yuu-ku~n...?

Hnn, I was just behind him a minute ago. Where did he go?

Yuu-kun is such a handful. If I take my eyes off him for just a second, he vanishes.

What a naughty little boy, making his onii-chan worry...♪

...Hm? I can hear footsteps... That might be Yuu-kun.

He must’ve pretended he was going home, but he’s actually still waiting for me. Really, Yuu-kun’s never honest with his feelings ♪

...What, it’s just you, Transfer Student. I got my hopes up thinking it was Yuu-kun. Seriously, what a disappointment.

What are you even doing here? You’re in the producer track, aren’t you?

The idol track students are taking a physical fitness test here right now, so you don’t need to be here, do you?

Hmm, your evaluation on your test was so bad that they’re making you take it again.

Just because you’re a producer doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to not stay in shape, after all.

What? Ugh, don’t lump me together with you. You’re so~ annoying!

You don’t look like you have much stamina, but your posture is awful too. Aren’t you embarrassed walking around with your back slouched like that?

Rather than apologize, if you’re aware of what you’re doing wrong, why don’t you work on fixing it?

You want me to show you how? How shameless. Do you go asking Yuu-kun to do things for you like that too?

Yuu-kun is pure and innocent, so it looks like I’ll have to punish any girls like you trying to deceive him...

...What’s this? Huh? A photo of Yuu-kun!?[1]

You’re trying to bribe me to forgive you? For someone who acts all cutesy, you play dirty.

Well, I’ll play along with you this time ♪

So, what was it? You wanted me to help you with your posture, right? Seeing as you gave me a photo of Yuu-kun, I’ll even let you take my picture as a reference if you want...

Okay, just wait over there. I’ll go get changed.

Scene Change: In Front of Gymnasium
Izumi Sena Physical Fitness Test 2 Scene Change 2
Izumi Sena AI Dialogue Render

Looks like you waited patiently. Good girl...♪

...Hm? That’s quite the camera.

Wait. Let me get a better look at it. ...Hmm. This is Yuu-kun’s camera. Look, it’s even got “Yuuki Makoto” written on the strap.

I won’t get mad at you, so I’d like you to explain why you’ve got Yuu-kun’s camera, okay...?

Huh. Yuu-kun wanted to check his posture, so he brought a camera with him.

Then, he gave that camera to you and asked you to take his picture for him.

Honestly, here I am, but he still went and asked you to help him instead. When did he become this cold...?

Even though I could bring out his charms better than you... Even though he’s always running away from cameras, it doesn’t make sense that he’d be okay with you taking his picture.

Well, I guess I’m fine with it, though... If he let you take his picture, that means he’s overcome his fear of them a little, right?

If so, then I still have a chance ♪

(Model Instruction) Izumi Sena CG2
(Model Instruction) Izumi Sena Full Render Bloomed

Hey, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and take the picture.

Getting to photograph me is a super big deal, you know? People can throw down bundles and bundles of cash and still not get to photograph me if I don’t feel like it.

There you go. See, I like kids who knows how to say “thank you” properly...♪

Although, you’re a pesky bug trying to get close to Yuu-kun, so I’m not letting my guard down around you.

If you know how to “motivate” me, I wouldn’t mind reevaluating my opinion of you, though...?

  1. As in a candid, regular old photo as opposed to a fancy staged/edited model shoot photo.
Translation: Linnæus
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