Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 15
Izumi Sena Sub Story Part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: 1st Floor Passage

Note: In Japan, it’s customary at high schools to change from your outdoor shoes into another pair of shoes meant to be worn inside when you enter the school building. You write your name on them so they won’t get mixed up with other people’s shoes, kinda like how you write your name on PE uniforms. For the record, Hokuto writes Anzu’s name on her shoes for her in chapter four of Hierarchy, so you can check the cg here if you’re curious what they look like.

Um, hello? I can’t change my shoes if you’re standing around in the way.

...You’re that transfer student everyone’s been making a fuss about, aren’t you? What do you think you’re doing here?

You can’t find your indoor shoes? Don’t tell me you didn’t write your name on them.

If you wrote your name on them, you wouldn’t be scrambling around looking for them. Use your brain, would you?

Is that so? If your name is on them but you still can’t find them, they might’ve got tossed in with someone else’s shoes.

Well, I’m sure you’ll find them sooner or later if you keep looking.

What? Don’t give me that look. Am I suddenly obliged to help you just ‘cause you’re a girl or something? Ugh, you’re so annoying!

I’m on my way to a lesson, so I obviously don’t have time to bother with you.

You should be able to tell that just by looking at what I’m wearing, you know?

Go on, get out of the way. ...Yeah, there you go. I’m not all so against kids who know how to listen to reason.

Huh? There are shoes I’ve never seen in my locker?

They have “Anzu” written on them... These are yours, aren’t they?

See, there you go. It was just a coincidence I found them, but lucky you.

You don’t have to thank me. *Sigh*...You’re really persistent, or I guess, you’re too faithful?

...Anyways, that persistence kind of resembles how paparazzi act.

I was working as a model before entering this academy, so I’ve had a whooole ton of overly pushy girls like you follow me around. Ugh, it’s so annoying that I can’t stand it.

I assume you’re at least smart enough to catch my drift?

That’s it, good girl ♪ Well then, I’ll be leaving now.

...And why exactly are you following me? Hmm, you’re headed this way too?

You don’t seem like you’re lying, so I don’t mind if you walk with me part of the way.

The dance room? Don’t you think it’s a little farfetched that you’re going to the exact same place I am?

Oh, so you’re the one teaching today. Who decided it was a good idea to ask some rookie transfer student to teach lessons?

Although, I’ve heard good things about your lessons, so if the rumors are true, I guess there’s some merit to taking them.

It’s not like rumors are really credible though, so it’s more likely that it’s just misinformation. You aren’t denying it, so that must be it, right?

Or maybe I should save my judgement for after I’ve taken the lesson? You’ve got quite a mouth on you for someone who looks so docile.

Sure, fine by me. That’s the sort of enthusiasm I’d expect from someone opposing the student council.

Put up a good fight, Transfer Student ♪

Translation: Linnæus
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