Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
Izumi Sena sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: School Gates


Hey, why’s is so crowded~? So annoying!

I’m gonna be late~ Even though I actually came on time, I’ll be seriously pissed if I get a demerit, you know?

Get out of the way, I can’t see anything. Don’t any of you know how to line up properly?

What? You got a problem? If I’m stuck at the end of the line, I’ll never be able to check in, and if I can’t check in, I’ll be late, right~?

Do I really have to have explain every little thing? So annoying!

And anyway, I’m a third year, you know? Show a little respect for your senior and make way, brats.

Alright, you’re in the way~ And so are you~ How annoying. If I tell you to get out of the way, then just do it. Even a monkey would know to do that, right?

Mm, good, good. I can finally see clearly. Now let’s see here~

Ah, I was wondering what the hold up was. But okay, I see where the problem is now~ And what exactly is going on here?

Hey, you. Uh, what was your name again? The transfer student… Well, not like it really matter what your name is.

What’re you having so much trouble with that it’s holding up the rest of us, huh? Some kind of problem~? If you’re going to take so long, then let other people go first. My homeroom teacher’s really annoying when people are late, you know?

Oh, I see. The one in charge of checking people in is a newbie, huh?

So they don’t know recognize your face or information, and just assumed, “There’s no way there’d be a girl in our school’s Idol Department,” huh?

In a bind because of lack of common sense?

How stupid is that? So annoying! Don’t they have any brains?

It’s like I’m surrounded by idiots. It’d be so much better if the idiots just hurried up and died, you know~?

I see, so you have it rough too huh, transfer student?

Even when you showed them your student ID card, they suspected that it was a counterfeit and wouldn’t listen to whatever explanation you gave them, huh?

Well, it’s to be expected. Some of the people that go to our school are celebrities that appear on TV and stuff, after all, so there are fans every now and then that sneak into the school to try and meet them, you know? You never know what a girl in love is capable of, either. Faking a school uniform or ID card probably wouldn’t be too hard.

So that’s why the person doing the check-in was on their guard, huh?

Poor you, stuck in this unfortunate situation. Alright, alright♪

I’ll help you out, so you’d better be eternally grateful, okay?

Hello? Check in person? I’m a student here.

See? Here’s my ID. Do you wanna see this magazine with my gravure photo, too?

Or would you rather call a teacher out to confirm my identity~?

I don’t care either way. I guarantee that this girl is also a student at Yumenosaku Academy, so won’t you let me through?

Anyway, why was there even a hold up? If you’d just called your boss to make sure, this would have been solved right away, right?

It’d be a problem if it got this crowded every single morning, after all.

How about we hang this girl’s photo here so you’ll remember her? Anyway, can’t you just let her go through without having to wait in line?

You should do your job right without having to be told by a kid like me~ There’s nothing as pathetic as an adult being lectured by a kid, you know?

Alright, we’re going through then. That’s not a problem, right, newbie? ♪

Aaand, problem solved. Isn’t that great, transfer student? So now you’ll never be stopped while checking in and hold up the line again, right? Everyone got their happy ending with smiles all around, huh? ♪

See you, check-in newbie. Keep up the good work.

….Hey, transfer student, there’s people waiting behind you, so hurry up and go through, would you? You’re just spacing out there.

You don’t need to thank me. I only did this for my own benefit.

It takes all of my energy just to get rid of the bothersome pebbles that get in my way, you know. So you should take care not to become one of those bothersome pebbles, transfer student♪

Translation: Enstars Translates
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