Writer: Mitsuki? Requirement: Chinese Version of Ensemble Stars
Fealty of a Knight 2
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(Well-dressed) Arashi Narukami Full Render Bloomed

"Good evening~ This is Narukami."

"Welcome to today’s special live, brought to you by Knights♪"

"A while back, it was pretty tough."

"Everyone did so much for us. My comrades in Knights and I are all aware."

"All of us have felt your copious support."

"Truly, everyone has been such a great help♪"

"Therefore, today we hope that everyone can put aside the work at hand and just enjoy our performance to the fullest~"

"Now then, now then, who’s going to be up first?"

"I’ll give you a little hint. If you guess yours truly, you’ll be disappointed, you see? Place your hopes on someone else~☆"

"Eh~ Just now, I believe I heard quite the interesting answer? Good children can’t suggest people who aren’t with us today♪"

(Antique Books) Tsukasa Suou Full Render Bloomed

Mm, Narukami-senpai is really amazing. The gaze of the audience has been soundly captured in no time.

Everyone has promptly gotten into the mood for the performance. Those in the audience who were previously chatting, looking at their phones, or bored from waiting are no exception.

Narukami-senpai has become the one and only center of attention… the atmosphere has been livened up, as well.

(Cramped Costume) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render

Natchan has always excelled at this sort of thing. Captivating gazes~ pumping up the audience~ et cetera.

Leave matters in that regard to him. We just have to watch from behind the scenes like this♪

Mm~...? Secchan, aren’t you ready yet~? It’s going to be your turn soon?


Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render

...Anzu, don’t stare at like me like an idiot while grinning, that’s so~ annoying.

Hey, how come you can smile so happily? Huh?

The producer is appeased before the idols have shown satisfaction towards the results achieved; what’s that supposed to mean?

(Antique Books) Tsukasa Suou Full Render Bloomed

Sena-senpai. I suppose that’s because oneesama is everyone’s producer.

Regardless of which ensemble, as long as they obtain good results, no matter how big or small, oneesama will always be overjoyed.

For this live, It was oneesama who dealt with the paperwork in our place… she also prepared all the advertising and the stage for the performance.

As long as the requests we make are reasonable, oneesama will always comply.

That oneesama is like this, although I feel somewhat reluctant… Still, opening her heart to every ensemble, doing everything she can for them, these are oneesama's virtues.

Marvelous…! Oneesama, please hereby allow my humble self to continue following at your side♪

Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render

...Have it your way.

But I’ll say this in advance, I won’t be satisfied with just this.

Before Knights reclaims the former…

Never mind. It’s no use only talking about this sort of thing.

(Unfinished Journey) Izumi Sena CG2
Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render

Anzu. This is the stage you prepared for us, right?

Then stand right here, open your eyes, and watch properly.

If you can’t keep up with me, don’t blame me for leaving you behind.

(Cramped Costume) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render

Hmhm, Secchan still speaks like that. Even though that’s not what he actually thinks♪

Mm? You say you’re used to it already? The adaptability of young people is indeed enviously amazing…

Worried about me? You intentionally scheduled the live for the evening, right? So, there’s not much to fret over.

Aya aya, Secchan sure is giving it his all, going full throttle right from the start… If it proceeds as such, there won’t be much time left until my turn to go up comes.

Having Secchan take the stage all by himself, as expected, it looks a bit lonely.

Suu~chan, get ready as soon as possible too, okay?

Anzu, it’s fine if you just stay here.

Tonight, along with those in the audience, just sit back and savor everything on this stage to the utmost♪

Translation: Metaknights
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