Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Pace Down) Izumi Sena's Idol Road
Izumi Sena Barrier 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Stairway

(Geez, this is really irritating…)

(Just when I thought things would be better after school, it’s actually gotten worse.)

(I’d fail as a professional if I went in this condition.)

(I let my manager know I’ll be late, so everything will be fine if I recover until night falls, though.)

(Even I don’t know if I can completely recover in such a short amount of time.)

(Sigh… it’ll be totally awful if I let my chance to meet Yuu-kun go and also have my condition deteriorate.)


(Woah, this is really terrible. Falling down the stairs makes me just as stupid.)


…Hey. How long are you gonna support my body?

Your hands are trembling though. It’ll be easier on you if you let go, so do it. Whether I fall from the stairs or not has nothing to do with you.

And yet, you’re standing firm with your face all red.

…Geez, seeing you so good-natured gets on my nerves.

Come on, move. I’m not as stupid as to go falling face-first, so I’m telling you you’re in my way if you just stand there. Alright, alright ♪


What? Did you think I lost balance and was going to fall? Don’t make a fool of me. There’s no way I’d do something so unsightly.

Well, thanks to your support, it did help a little.

If I really did lose the strength in my legs and fall, I’d probably be injured at least.

What’s with that happy look on your face?

Ahh geez, I get thrown off balance when I’m with you… Like I said, I don’t want you making that happy face, you know.

…Hey, can you stop touching my face?

I know I’m not feeling well; I don’t need you to point that out. I’ve got time before work, so I’ll recover if I rest in the infirmary.

What? Don’t say something like you’ll accompany me to the infirmary. I’m not a kid. Don’t you know I’m older than you?

You can’t stand to watch me? Like I said, I’m not a kid–


You’re not gonna be convinced if I tell you I’m just a little lightheaded, right?

Lend me your shoulder. I’ve got no choice, so I’ll listen to you just for today. But there won’t be a next time, so don’t get full of yourself, okay…?

Izumi Sena Barrier 2 Scene Change
Location: Infirmary

Look, this is enough, alright?

I shouldn’t need to borrow your arm to come all the way here.

The school doctor? Yeah, he’s not here. I bet he just ran off somewhere.

I’m just gonna lie down on the bed, so I’m actually glad he’s not here.

Why’re you pushing my shoulders?

Just because I’m not my usual self doesn’t mean I’m too weak to even walk mself to the bed.

If you’ve got time to worry left and right about someone, then why don’t you work hard as the producer?

…This is part of my work too, you say? You’re an idiot, aren’t you.

Sure, it might be a producer’s job to maintain an idol’s health, but it’s not like you belong exclusively to Knights.

You’re even making the outfits for Trickstar, so you belong exclusively to them, right?

…Right, Yuu-kun’s in Trickstar, isn’t he.

If I’m getting someone to nurse me, I’d rather have Yuu-kun do that.

It’ll be way more meaningful to look at Yuu-kun’s beautiful face than yours.

Hey, it annoys me seeing you frowning and smiling the next. Are you trying to make your face look like Yuu-kun’s?

You and Yuu-kun are like the moon and a soft-shelled turtle; there’s a world of difference between you two. There’s no point even if you try~ Yep, no point~

You’ve got your own face with subtle charms, so you don’t have to make it so that you look similar to someone else.

(Pace Down) Izumi Sena CG2

Huh? It’s not like that was a compliment.

Geez, you really throw me off balance…

So, how long are you going to stay here? You say until I fall asleep, but I’ll only be distracted and won’t be able to sleep if you’re there.

You’re gonna sing me a lullaby? Listen, how many times are you going to make me tell you I’m not a kid?

If I listen to your crappy singing, then forget sleep, you’ll just be a nuisance. Don’t try and be considerate, and just go back to your work.

Yuu-kun’s waiting for you, isn’t he…?

Yeah, off you go, off you go~ What? Is there something you’ve got to tell me, who’s completely ready to go to sleep?

You don’t have to tell me to “take care”– I know already. Can’t you stop saying trivial things and hurry up and leave?

Alright, alright ♪ She finally left. I’m overjoyed now that I can sleep.

(Even so, with her being so good-natured, it can’t be helped that I find it hard to act around her.)

(I could have easily handled her if she had a nasty personality, but I don’t know anyone who’s transferred schools before, so I have no idea how to deal with her.)

(Well, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a nuisance to me.)

(It’s not necessarily a good thing, even if I clearly know that.)

(Now, I’m gonna sleep like a log and prepare for work. I can’t afford to lose to the Transfer Student, anyway.)

Translation: Creampuffs
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