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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Pace Down) Izumi Sena's Idol Road
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Season: Spring (春) Location: 1st Floor Passage

(Ever since we received a restriction on our activities due to the incident at DDD, there was a time where I felt overjoyed because we didn’t have any live shows or practice, but...)

(Then heaps of modelling work requests came flooding in, as if thinking I’ve got nothing better to do.)

(I accepted since turning them down would be a hassle, but because of that, I’ve been working as a model alllll week and I haven’t even had the time to go to school.)

(Well, it’s not like I’m particularly attached to this academy or Knights, anyway.)

(It hurts not being able to see Yuu-kun, though.)

(Since we finally got to be in a senior-junior relationship at the same school, I wanted to take him by the hand and teach him step by step.)

(And yet, Yuu-kun went and joined a small and weak unit called Trickstar.)

(I have totally no idea why Yuu-kun’s avoiding me, even though I’m giving him so much attention.)

(Now that it’s come to this, I’ve got no choice but to meet him directly to discuss things with him.)

(He’s cautious of me because of the DDD incident, but I don’t want to continue living a life where we don’t see one another.)

(If I can make him promise me that he won’t shut himself in somewhere, then Yuu-kun will…)

(Ah, isn’t that the Transfer Student over there? …Come to think of it, she’s in the same class as Yuu-kun, isn’t she?)

(He isn’t good at speaking to girls, but he seems to enjoy talking with the Transfer Student?)

(It might be a good idea for me to tell her not to get involved with him any further than she has.)

Hey, you.

What’s with the blank face? We’re the only people here, so it’s obvious I’m talking to you.

You’re in a rush? Huh? That’s sooo annoying!

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Look, I’m a third-year student. How dare you say something like, “I’m busy, so keep it short”, to a senior student.

There’s no way I can forgive you if you apologise now. It’s because a girl like you is with Yuu-kun, so he ended up…

That’s right. I’ve got something to talk to you about Yuu-kun.

Hey, aren’t you being a bit too close and friendly with him just because you’re in the same class?

Yuu-kun’s kind, so he’ll even care for a stupid girl like you. Yet you don’t even realise that and keep sticking to him.

He’s my Yuu-kun, so it irritates me if you flirt with him without my permission, you know…? Well, I’ll never allow it, though.

Got that? Don’t ever concern yourself with him anymore. …Did I mishear that? I heard you say that that’s impossible.

What? I’ve done so much to ask you not to, and yet you say no; that’s soo unbelievable!

Wait, those documents you’re holding onto for dear life. You’re not going to say you’re going to give that to Yuu-kun, right…?

Hmm. So you are.

There’s no way I’d believe you even if you look away and say no.

Now that it’s come to this, I seriously can’t let you be near Yuu-kun more and more… Whaat? Why’re you lowering your head?

Did you think I’d open the path if you behaved in a modest manner?

That’s sooo annoying!

As I thought, I can’t leave Yuu-kun in your hands. Pass me those documents. I’ll take responsibility and give it to him.

Yuu-kun would be happier receiving them from me, anyway.

You’re pretty persistent. It’s not like Yuu-kun asked you to give it to him, right?

Then, I don’t think there’s an issue with me giving it to him. Look, pass it here. Hey, don’t run away.

Ahh geez, it’s so annoying how you’re moving about like tha–

…What? Why the weird face…?

It’s nothing. …So pass me the documents…


Anyone would be surprised if you suddenly touched their face.

My face is the tool of my trade, so don’t you understand that it’ll be a disaster if I get even one scar on it?

…What? Does it inconvenience you in any way if my complexion is bad?

In fact, wouldn’t it be better if I collapsed right here and now?

Why’re you making a sad face? I really don’t get you.

Normally, it’s only natural that you’d hate me for getting in your way, right?

Or are you like some sort of philanthropist who’d even save the person they hate?

If that’s not it, then leave me alone.

Look, didn’t you hear what I said?

Huh? You’ll go with me to the infirmary?

…What about giving those documents to Yuu-kun, then? If you go with me, I’m sure lunch break will be over before you realise it.

I’ll be fine if we make a dash for it? What are you, an idiot?

Sigh… I feel like I’m going to be stupid after spending time with someone like you.

I’ll let you give those documents to him, so why don’t you hurry up and go?

Go on, go already. I won’t forgive you if you keep Yuu-kun waiting.

Translation: Creampuffs
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