Items are core game mechanics that act as resources. They have various ways of obtaining and have various affects on the game.


Item Name Effect How to obtain Expires
Sweat star sports drink.png Sports Drink Recovers full LP Point reward bonuses in events, rewarded one each day on second half of events, as well as certain special campaign rewards Day after event end
Konpeitou.png Konpeitou Recovers one point of LP Point reward bonuses in events, as well as certain special campaign rewards Day after event end
Yakisobapan.png Yakisoba Bread Recovers full AP Point reward bonuses in events, as well as certain special campaign rewards Day after event end
Diamond mini.png Diamonds Recovers one point of LP, recovers full AP for five diamonds, used for scouting, unlocks idol road nodes when insufficient gems Bought in the store, point reward bonuses in events, reading event stories, completing missions, as well as certain special campaign rewards Never
Producer Point mini.png Producer Points Leveling cards, producer point scouting Point reward bonuses in events, reading main and sub stories, selling cards, event ranking rewards, receiving a card of which you have five copies already, as well as certain special campaign rewards Never
Story Key.png Story Keys Unlocks one story chapter Special campaigns Never
Blue Square Gem.png Gems Unlocks idol road nodes and betters card stats Dropped during lessons, collecting 100 gem fragments in a lesson awards one small gem of that type. Never


The locker contains Yakisoba Bread, Konpeitou, Sports Drink and Story Keys. It can be found in the middle section of our map. The locker shows the number of items you have, as well as their expiration date.


Present Box

Accepting rewards, completing tasks and the like rewards the player with items or cards. Except for lesson related Producer Points and Gems, every reward will await the player in their Present Box, found on the main screen in your room. Present Box.PNG. Items in the Present Box expire thirty days after first arriving, unless accepted by the player.


  • Since LP/AP restoring items expire a day after the current event ends, and the Present Box has its own expiration period, you can store your resource restoring items in the Present Box until a time where you'd like to use them.
  • On event related rewards, you can prolong the expiration date by waiting until the event ends to accept them. By doing so, you can keep resource restoring items for up to three events. Remember to claim your event rewards before the next event starts and the banner is gone, if the banner is gone any unclaimed rewards are lost forever.


Diamonds can be purchased in the diamond shop, which is found on the map, rewarded in special campaigns like log-in reward campaigns, or achieved by completing tasks in lessons, collecting event points, and reading event stories (1 diamond per chapter).

Diamond Shop.PNG

Diamonds preform various actions such as scouting, refilling AP or LP or unlocking idol road nodes.


  • Events including event stories can offer a lot of diamonds, so participating to collect more is always a good idea.


Gems are items that unlock idol road nodes and better card stats. They are achieved through event rewards, or dropped during lessons. Some cards have an increased chance to drop them with their Lesson Skill.

You can view the amount of gems you have while on a card's idol road through this button

Gem Items1.PNGGem Items2.PNG


  • The Daily Course usually offers a large amount of increased drop chance in gems, and heavily increase the drop chance for that lesson's specific gem type. It is a good idea to play regularly and collect as many as possible, to increase your cards' stats.
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