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"「うう、だるい……。 あんまり動きたくない……」

Urgh, so bothersome... I don't want to move very much..."

Location: Sanrio Puroland
ほら、行くぞ! "Come on, let's go!"
Character response: "Uwaa please don't pull on me! Ahh really, you're so pushy so..."
がんばれ! "Do your best!"
Character response: "D-don't want to... You can cheer me as much as possible, though it makes me lose motivation..."
しっかりしろ! "Hang in there!"
Character response: "If I don't move, I can't meet the characters I like...? That's right huh, understood"
Correct Choice: ほら、行くぞ! or しっかりしろ!

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