Yuta intimate event school gate

My brother has pranked me again..."

Location: School Gate
Area Touched Response Result
Arms べつに怪我したわけじゃないんで、大丈夫ですよ?

I'm not injured, okay?

Chest 背中に何か貼られてますか ? あぁ、制服がちょっと乱れましたか

Is there something on my back? Oh, my uniform was a little crinkled, huh.

Head Even you are pranking me~ That's mean! OK
Best Choice: Arms

Yuta Aoi Intimate 2nd floor passage

I have to do my make-up myself, too, but it's pretty hard, isn't it?"

Location: 2nd floor Passage
Area Touched Response Result
Arms 持ち方はこうしたほうがいいですか? なるほど、楽に描けていいですね!

Is this how I should hold it? I see, it's easy to put it on this way!

Chest 肌がきれいでうらやましい、ですか? 特に何もしてないですけどね……?

My skin is so pretty that you're envious, you say? I'm not doing anything in particular though...?

Head うわっ、びっくりした! アニキにやられたのかと思いましたよ!

Woah, that surprised me! I thought that was my brother!

Best Choice: Arms

Yuta Aoi Intimate Hallway

Apart from being twins, are there any other areas we could appeal to the audience?"

Location: Hallway
Area Touched Response Result
Head お、おでこがかわいい……ですか? ちょっと恥ずかしいですけど

Y-You're saying that my forehead is cute...? I feel a little embarrassed, though...

Arms そっか! これが『プロデューサー』としての『刺激』なんですか?

I see! So this is the inspiration from the Producer?

Chest ふ、腹筋はまだ割れてないですね……

Heh, I don't quite have abs yet...

Best Choice: Head
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