Tomoya Mashiro Intimate Rooftop

*Sigh*... My body won't last if I'm being chased around like this every day."

Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Chest まぁ、これもファンに追いかけ回された時の練習って思います!

Well, I guess this also counts as practice for when I get chased by fans!

Head 落ち込んでいてもしょうがないですよね

I guess it can't be helped even if I get depressed over it.

Arms Uwah! W-what is it?! Is that masked pervert here?! OK
Best Choice: Chest

Tomoya Mashiro Intimate Ground

Hmm, it feels like a bug bit me, so I'm itchy."

Location: Ground
Area Touched Response Result
Head 先輩? どうしました? 今日はそんなに落ち込んでないですよ?

Senpai? What's wrong? I'm not feeling down or anything, you know?

Arms 腕はかゆくないので刺されてなさそうですね

Since my arms aren't itchy, I probably wasn't bitten there.

Chest Ah, it's itchy! I wonder when I was bitten...? OK
Best Choice: Head

Tomoya Mashiro Intimate Stage
"ううん……! 今日は天気が良くて気持ちいいですね♪

The weather's great today, and it feels so nice! ♪"

Location: Stage
Area Touched Response Result
Head 何だかちょっと眠たくなっちゃいますね……

I'm starting to get a little sleepy...

Chest あははっ、くすぐったいですよ~! 脇は弱いんですよ!

Ahaha... That tickles! My sides are weak!

Arms That's right. Be careful not to get a sunburn. OK
Best Choice: Head
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