Souma Kanzaki Intimate Event Rooftop

Hasumi-dono has ordered me to refrain from actions such as drawing my sword immediately."

Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Arms この手は刀ではなく、『ふぁん』の心を掴めなければ意味がないと。心揺さぶられる言葉であった…… Happy
Chest 忍耐力も必要ということだ、一日くらい我慢できるはずである……

It means patience is also neccessary, I should be able to endure it for about one day...

Head む。驚かされるな、もう少しで刀を抜くところであった……

Whoa. Do not surprise me, I almost drew my sword...

Best Choice: Arms

Souma Kanzaki Intimate School Gates

There is a large amount of nature at this academy. I have a few places in mind to hold the perfect open-air tea ceremony."

Location: School Gates
Area Touched Response Result
Head ふふ、転校生殿も興味があるようで嬉しい

Fufu, I'm overjoyed to see you hold an interest as well, Milady Transfer Student.

Arms うむ?いかがなされた?我が茶道をするのが意外であったか?

Hm? What's wrong? Is it unexpected that I hold tea ceremonies?

Chest 転校生殿は野点をご存知ないか。開放感があってよいのだ、ぜひ体験していただきたい

Transfer Student-dono, do you know of open-air tea ceremonies? The spaciousness is pleasant, I greatly recommend you to acquire this experience.

Best Choice: Head

Souma Kanzaki Intimate Dance Room

I'm terribly thankful for having you watch my training despite your busy schedule..."

Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest そ、そうだな。せっかく付きあってもらっているというのに、時間を無駄にはできんな!

Th- that's right. Since you are kindly keeping me company, this time cannot go to waste!

Head こうして、貴殿に付きあっていただけるのは有り難い

I am grateful that you keep me company like this.

Arm これから別の予定であるか?無理を言って申し訳なかった

You have a another appointment now? I am very sorry for asking the impossible.

Best Choice: Chest
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