Sora Harukawa Intimate Event 1st Floor Passage.png
"宙は良い子です! 今からレッスンが始まるからな~、ししょ~の言うことを聞きます!

Sora is a good boy! Since lessons are starting now~ He's doing what Master told him to!"

Location: 1st Floor Passage
Area Touched Response Result
Head うん、良い感じな~♪ 褒めてもらえるのは嬉しいです! 宙はもっと頑張るからな~♪

Yay, that's nice~♪ Sora's happy to have received a compliment! Sora will work even harder~♪

Arms えっ、どういうこと? どうして呼び止めたのか~? おまえもレッスンがしたいのか~?

Huh, what do you mean? Why did you call out and stop Sora~? Do you want to do lessons too~?

Chest うわわっ、あぶないな~! いきなり通せんぼするなんて酷いです! 宙はびっくりしました!

Uwawa, that's dangerous~! Suddenly jumping right in the way like that! Sora was surprised!

Best Choice: Head

Sora Harukawa Intimate Event Fountain.png
"んん~、宙の落し物。このへんにあるはずなんです! おまえ知らないか~?

Nn~ Sora's lost item should be somewhere around here! Do you know anything~?"

Location: Fountain
Area Touched Response Result
Arms HaHa~♪ ありがとな~♪ おまえが拾ってくれたんだな~♪ 宙は感謝します!

HaHa~♪ Thanks~♪ So you picked it up~♪ Sora's grateful!

Head わうっ、急に何をするっ? びっくりしたな~? 探すのを手伝ってくれるなら最初からそう言ってほしいです!

Uwah, what are you doing all of a sudden? That surprised Sora, you know~? If you wanna help look, you should say so from the beginning!

Chest Hm? You know something ...You don't know after all, huh~? Then leave me be, okay~? OK
Best Choice: Arms

Sora Harukawa Intimate Event Staircase.png
"今から宙はゲー研に行きます! やりたいゲームがあるからな~? おまえもゲームが気になるのか~?

Sora's heading to the game research club right now! 'Cause there are games he wants to play, you know~? Do you have an interest in games too~?"

Location: Staircase
Area Touched Response Result
Chest HuHu~、嬉しいな~! ここにもゲームが好きな人を発見です! 宙と対戦しましょう~♪

HuHu~, Sora's happy! Even here he's discovered people who like games! Have a competition with Sora~♪

Head What~? What is it? Is there something interesting about Sora's head~? Sora thinks games are more interesting, you know~? Good
Arms Hey, hey! Stop it~! Why are you pulling on Sora's arm, huh~? Sora's in a hurry to go to the game research club! OK
Best Choice: Chest
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