Shu Itsuki Intimate Event Dance Room.png

Hnn. I'd rather not consider myself out of shape, but my movements today have been sub-par..."

Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest ま、待てと言っている……! 僕に気安く触るんじゃないッ!

Wa- wait, I said wait...! Don't touch me so casually!

Arms ん? 何だね? 裁縫のしすぎではないかだと……、余計なら世話なのだよ。 Good
Head ななっ、やめたまえ! マドモアゼルに触れていいとは言ってないのだよッ!

Wh-what, stop that! I never gave you permission to touch Mademoiselle!

Best Choice: Chest

Shu Itsuki Intimate Event Music Room.png
"教えてくれ、マドモアゼル! どうしたらいいのかわからないのだよッ……!

Mademoiselle, help! I don't know what I should do...!"

Location: Music Room
Area Touched Response Result
Head 何をしているッ! ……あぁ、頭をなでられたせいで考えていたことが抜けてしまったのだよ

What are you doing!? ...Ah, after being patted on the head, I lost my train of thoughts.

Chest Non! I'm in the middle of a conversation, so I'll have to turn you down, little miss. I'll listen to you next, so wait a moment. Good
Arms You philistine... Can you not see that I am in the middle of talking to Mademoiselle? Don't be a bother! OK
Best Choice: Head

Shu Itsuki Intimate Event Soundproof Lesson Room.png
"『こんにちはっ、あたしたちは今練習中なの♪ もうすこしこの場所を借りていてもいいかしら?』

"Good day, I am in the middle of practicing ♪ I suppose you shouldn't mind if I borrowed this space a while longer?""

Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Area Touched Response Result
Head 『ありがとう! ふふっ。場所を譲ってくれるお礼にあたしと今度、ゆっくりおしゃべりしましょっ』

"Thank you, fufu! As thanks for letting me use this room, why don't we relax and have a chat later?"

Chest What's the point of replying to me? Everything is as Mademoiselle said, so I've nothing to add. Good
Arms うわっ! 驚いたのだよ……。 危うくマドモアゼルを落とすところだったのだよッ! OK
Best Choice: Head
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