Shinobu Sengoku intimate event broadcast room

I've been feeling something pulling me for some time now..."

Location: Broadcast Room
Area Touched Response Result
Arms 転校生殿でござったか! 拙者に頼み事でござるか~?

It was transfer student-dono, huh! Did you need something from me~?

Head むむ?気配を感じるでござる Good
Chest うあぁっ! ね、猫でござる!? 餌なんて持ってないのに~!

Uwaah! A-a cat de gozaru!? I don't have any food, though~!?

Best Choice: Chest

Shinobu Sengoku Intimate Event Hallway

With this brand new cloth, I'll be able to move around without being noticed!"

Location: Hallway
Area Touched Response Result
Chest どうでござる? これでどこでも侵入できるでござるな……♪

What do you think? Now I'll be able to infiltrate into any place... ♪

Arms 何か用でござるか? 拙者も用があったのでござるよ!

Is it for me? I have something for you too!

Head この布でもわかるでござるか? あぁっ、ちょっと丈が足りないでござるな! OK
Best Choice: Chest

Shinobu Sengoku Intimate Event Rooftop

Woah there... I'm in the middle of training my sense of balance."

Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Head あぁ! 頭は気を抜いていたのでござる!

Ah! I'll be careful of my head.

Arms おっと……ぜんぜん大丈夫でござる!

Oops... I'm totally fine!

Chest ……し、しつこいでござるよ! さすがに揺さぶろのは反則でござる〜! OK
Best Choice: Head
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