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I've got to read out and collate our script with Mako-chin now. Gotta focus..."

Location: Broadcast Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest こら! そのへんの機材は高いから、無暗に触るなよ?

Hey! The equipment there is expensive, don't just touch it thoughtlessly?

Head うにゅ!? 何らよ!? 気が散るから、ちょっと静かにしててくれ!

Unyu!? What!? I can't concentrate, be a bit quieter!

Arms 差し入れでアイスを買ってきた? それじゃあ、溶けないうちに食べないともったいないな!

You bought the ice cream? Well then, better eat it before it melts or else it'll go to waste!

Best Choice: Arms

Nazuna Nito Intimate Stage
"おまえもライブは緊張したりするんだ? まぁ、舞台袖も見えないがステージの一部だしな

You get nervous during performances too? Well, although you can't see the stage wing, it's still part of the stage I guess."

Location: Stage
Area Touched Response Result
Arms Your hands are shaking? A producer should have faith in the idol and stand ready! Ok
Head ……おまえ、あんまジロジロ見んな。間近で見られるのは、さすがに恥ずかしいだろ

...You, don't stare like that. Being looked at from so close, after all it's embarrassing.

Chest そうだな、全身しっかりストレッチすればいくらか気持ちもほぐれるぞ……♪

You're right. If you stretch when your body is tight you'll feel looser.

Best Choice: Chest

Nazuna Nito Intimate 2nd floor passage

Even though you seem busy recently, do you not have anything troubling you?"

Location: Second floor passage
Area Touched Response Result
Head こ、こら! 気安く撫でるな! 先輩なんだかんな!

H-hey! You're being too familiar petting me! I'm older than you!

Chest 放送委員のやつらはみんな、体幹を鍛えて腹式呼吸をマスターしてるんだぞ

All the Broadcasting Committee members have trained their core and mastered abdominal breathing.

Arms ふふっ。何か相談なら、に~ちゃんに任せろよ♪

Fufu- If it's some consultation, leave it to Ni~chan!

Best Choice: Arms
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