Natsume Sakasaki Intimate Event Garden Space
"ン? どうしたのかナ? ボクに何か用があるんだろうカ?

HM? What's WRONG? Did you need something from ME?"

Location: Garden Space
Area Touched Response Result
Chest そう言われると、嬉しいものだネ。 おや? ボクと話がしたいって聞こえた気がしたんだけど、違うのかナ?

I'm glad to be told THAT. OH? Did I perhaps hear you say that you'd like to talk with ME, or was I hearing THINGS?

Arms フフ・・・・・・それは困ったネ・・・・・・。 話を聞いてもいいけれど、言うことを聞くかは別だヨ・・・・・・♪

Fufu... That might be a proBLEM... I don't mind hearing you TALK, but whether I'm listening to your words is another matTER... ♪

Head 嫌な感じがするネ・・・・・・? どうもボクにとって良い話じゃない気がするヨ。 聞く前から否定して悪いけどネ。

I have a bad feeling about THIS...? It doesn't seem like this is something I would want to HEAR. It's my bad for passing judgment before even hearing it THOUGH.

Best Choice: Chest

Natsume Sakasaki Intimate Event Music Room
"フフ・・・・・・実は子猫ちゃんに役立ちそうなものを隠したんダ。 見つけられたら、君にあげようかナ♪

Fufu, I've actually hidden something that might be of use to YOU, Little KitTEN. If you can find IT, maybe I'll let you have IT. ♪"

Location: Music Room
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Arms ま、まァいいヨ・・・・・・。 うん、正解だネ。 あぁ・・・・・・こんなに簡単に見つけられるとは思わなかったから悔しいナ?

W-well, I guess that's FINE... YES, you're RIGHT. Ah... how frustraTING; I didn't think you'd be able to find it so easiLY?

Chest おっと、そっちじゃないヨ。 フフフ、間違えたからあげられないネ? チャンスは一度きりだヨ・・・・・・♪

Oops, not THERE. FufuFU, I'm not giving it to you since you were WRONG. Chances only come ONCE... ♪

Head おっと、強すぎるヨ。 乱暴な子猫ちゃんだネ・・・・・・もうすこしやさしく探してほしいナ?

Oops, that's way too forceFUL. What a violent Little Kitten you ARE... Would you look for it more gentLY?

Best Choice: Arms

Natsume Sakasaki Intimate Event Lecture Hall
"ふム。 魔法について詳しく聞きたいのかイ? もしかして子猫ちゃんも魔法を使いたいのかナ?

Hm. You say you'd like to hear about magic in more deTAIL? Do you perhaps want to become a magic user yourSELF, Little KitTEN?"

Location: Outside Lecture Hall
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Head もうすこし話をしてほしいナ。 面白い話だったら魔法の秘密を教えてあげてもいいヨ・・・・・・♪

I'd like to talk with you MORE. If it's interesTING, I might be willing to teach you the secrets of maGIC... ♪

Chest ンン、どうしようかナ・・・・・・。 魔法をかけてあげるのは簡単だけど、教えるのは簡単じゃないんだヨ。

Mm, what should I DO... Casting magic is eaSY, but teaching it is NOT.

Arms 残念、不正解だネ。 そんな言う方じゃ素直に聞いてあげられないナ?

Too BAD, that's the wrong anSWER. If you ask me like THAT, I'm not going to answer you honestLY?

Best Choice: Head
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