Mitsuru Tenma intimate event classroom
"ね~ちゃん! 今手が離せないんだけど、落ちてるプリント拾ってくんない?

Hey, big sister! I'm a bit busy at the moment, so can you please pick up the stuff I dropped?"

Location: Classroom
Area Touched Response Result
Arms そんなに触られたら、困っちゃうんだぜ~

If you touch me like that, I'll be troubled~

Chest ポケットに入れてくれんの? 助かったぜ!

You're putting it into my pocket? Thanks a lot!

Head くわえてもいいんだけど、椚せんせぇに怒られないかなぁ? OK
Best Choice: Arms

Mitsuru Tenma intimate event hallway

I'm in a good mood so I'm going to go for a run~♪"

Location: Hallway
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Huh? You're gonna push my back? Something like that will make me faster. Happy
Arms おっ、ね~ちゃんどうした?

Oh, what's the matter, big sis?

Head 廊下は走っちゃ駄目? う、うっかりしてたんだぜ…… OK
Best Choice: Chest

Mitsuru Tenma Intimate First Floor Passage
"ほら、見て見て! このポーズならどこから見てもかっこよく見えるぜ!

Hey, look! No matter how you look at it, a pose like this is really cool!"

Location: First Floor Passage
Area Touched Response Result
Head Wa! Ahaha, that tickles! Happy
Chest 写真撮ってみせてくんない? 自分じゃよく見えないんだぜ! Good
Arms ' OK
Best Choice: Head
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