Mika Kagehira Intimate Event Fountain.png

Mm, I lost the candy I was carryin' with me... Oh no, all my energy's gone down the drain..."

Location: Fountain
Area Touched Response Result
Chest ふふ、こそばいわ。飴ちゃんないから、こそばして元気だせって? 無茶言うわぁ

Fufu, that's ticklish. Yer got no candy so ya gonna tickle me to cheer me up? That's crazy.

Arms んもう、びっくりするやん! あれ? ひっぱられた拍子に飴ちゃんでてきたわ、こんなとこに残ってたんやね?

Geez, that gave me a fright! Huh? A candy fell out of my sleeve, who would've known there'd be one here.

Head んん、やめて~や。頭たたいても飴ちゃんで~へんよ、乱暴やなぁ?

Mm, stop~ Even if ya hit my head, candy ain't gonna come out, y'know? Man, yer kinda violent.

Best Choice: Chest

Mika Kagehira Intimate Event Garden Space.png
"ん? おれのことじっと見てるけど、何かついてるん?

Hm? You're staring at me, is there something on my face?"

Location: Garden Space
Area Touched Response Result
Head ま、待って~。なんや知らんけど、褒めてもらってるみたいで照れるわぁ~♪

W-Wait~ I dunno what's goin' on, but it feels like yer praisin' me, so I'm gettin' a little embarrassed~ ♪

Chest Hm, really? I knew there was rubbish on me~ Maybe it stuck to me when I went to the garbage dump? Good
Arms んああっ、どないしたん!? はたかんといて~! もしかして、今のツッコミいれたつもりなん……?

Nwaah! What's wrong!? Don't hit me~ Could it be ya meant that retort...?

Best Choice: Head

Mika Kagehira Intimate Event Rooftop.png

I heard you have business with me, what's up~?"

Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Arms That's a weird feelin'. It's yer job to reward us like that, right? Happy
Chest What's goin' on...? Did ya not like it 'cause I called ya here? Good
Head んあっ、どしたん? 俺の顔気になるん……? んっと、目はあんま見んといてほしいわぁ……

Nwah, what's wrong? Are ya interested in my face...? Er, I'd prefer if ya didn't look at my eyes so much...

Best Choice: Arms
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