Mao Isara intimate event student council room

Sometimes, when I don't have much time to show up in practice, I'm worried about when we perform..."

Location: Student Council room
Area Touched Response Result
Arms Hmm... I guess I've gotten a bit sentimental. I'm gonna go get myself some fresh air. OK
Chest もちろん、練習は誰よりもやってるつもりだからさ! おまえが心配しなくても大丈夫だって!

Of course, I plan to work harder than anyone else! You don't have to worry!

Head お、俺にかまうなって……! 心配すんな、遅れはすぐに取り戻せるからさ

It's, it's okay...! Don't worry, I'll make sure to catch on what I miss

Best Choice: Chest

Mao Isara intimate event outdoor stage

I got a foxtail from Sengoku. It's like, what the heck do you expect me to do with this?"

Location: Outdoor stage
Area Touched Response Result
Head はははっ、くすぐったいって! くしゃみが出るだろ……!

Hahaha, that tickles! I'm gonna sneeze...!

Chest おいおい、これで遊ぼうっていうのか? 猫じゃないんだぜ? Good
Arms 持ったままじゃ練習できね〜しな、ちょっと持っててくれるか?

I can't practice while holding this, would you hold it for me for a bit?

Best Choice: Head

Mao Isara intimate event AV room

I'm not that great with computers. Maybe I should have Makoto teach me."

Location: AV room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest うわっ! なんだ!? 図書室で専門書を借りてくるのか? そこまで困ってないんだけどな……? Good
Head 要領が悪いのか、そもそも機械が得意じゃないのかよくわかんないな Ok
Arms 転校生もパソコンは得意じゃないのか? まぁ、みんなそんなに詳しくはないよな

Transfer student, you're not good with computers either? Well, I think everyone's not really that familiar with them, you know.

Best Choice: Arms
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