Keito Hasumi intimate event lesson room

"Hm, it seems you're keeping up with your duties as an Idol Producer."

Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Area Touched Response Result
Head "俺が疲れているだと・・・・・・? 何を言っている。俺は単におまえを評価してやっただけだ。"

"If I'm tired......? What are you saying. I simply gave my evaluation of you."

Chest "アイドルを生かすも殺すも、プロデューサーの腕しだいだ。これからも気を抜くんじゃないぞ。"

"The success or failure of an idol is in the hands of their Producer. From now on, hang onto those feelings until the end."

Arms おい、転校生。あまりつけあがるなよ? ……ちょっと気を許した途端にこれでは、まだまだだな OK
Best Choice: Head

Keito Hasumi Intimate Student Council Room

"There is no fault in the documents, no missed calculation. I haven't forgotten to stamp them, have I......?"

Location: Student Council Room
Area Touched Response Result
Arms "俺の書類の処理は、学院でも最速だ。英智の右腕ならこのくらいは当たり前だな"

"My method of processing documents is the fastest in the academy. As is expected of Eichi's right hand."

Chest あんまり俺の周りをうろうろするなよ。書類が少しでも混ざったら、ややこしくなるからな"

"Don't hang around too close to me. If these documents get even the slightest bit mixed up, it becomes really complicated."

Head "うおっ!? 不意に声を掛けてくるな! 心臓によくない・・・・・・"

"Uoh!? Don't call out so unexpectedly! It's not good for the heart..."

Best Choice: Arms

Hasumi Keito Intimate Library
"どうした,転校生. 今は休憩中だ、聞きたいことがあ言ってみろ"

"What's the matter, Transfer Student? I'm in the middle of my break; if you have something to ask me then go ahead."

Location: Library
Area Touched Response Result
Chest "ふむ、俺に助言を求めるのは賢明だな。"

"Hm, it's wise to come to me for advice."

Head "勉強が追いつかないのか。なら昼休みに個人的な補習をしてやろう。"

"Can't keep up with your studies? Then, during lunch break, let's have a personal study session together."

Arms "ふむ。いろんな人から手助けしてもらっているのだな。ならば、俺があまり気にかけるのもよくないな。"

"Hmph. I seem to be getting help from a variety of people. If that's the case, I don't particularly want to be worried over too much."

Best Choice: Chest
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