Kaoru Hakaze Intimate Event Garden Terrace
"...あっれぇ、こんなところでどうしたの? 探し物?
... hmm~? What're you doing here? Looking for something?"
Location: Garden Terrace
Area Touched Response Result
Head 俺? 疲れてないよ? 転校生ちゃんのほうが大変でしょ、お茶でも奢るからちょっと息抜きしていきなよ……♪
Me? I'm not tired. You have it much rougher than I do. I'll get you some tea, so sit back and take a breather... ♪
Arms Thank you, I also want to get along with you. But first, how about reducing the distance you are keeping between us? Good
Chest あはは、俺は落ち込んだりしないよ? だって女の子の前ではいつも強気なのが俺だもの OK
Best Choice: Head

Kaoru Hakaze intimate event school gate
"あっ、転校生ちゃん! ラッキー♪ ここで会えたんだし明日俺のプロデュースしてくれない?
Ah, Transfer Student-chan! Talk about lucky. ♪ Now that we've seen each other here and all, how about you produce me tomorrow?"
Location: School Gate
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Arms いいって受け取っていいんだよね? やったね♪ じゃあ楽しみにしてるよ~
I can take that as an okay? Yay ♪ I'll be looking forward to it then~
Chest おや、 何してんの? それって、 かくれんぼのつもりとか?
Oh. What's up? Playing hide-and-seek?
Head え~、駄目? 忙しいからって理由で俺から逃げてない? OK
Best Choice: Sleeve

"やぁ、転校生ちゃん♪ 今日はちょっと積極的だね?
Hey, Transfer Student-chan. ♪ You're rather active today ♪"
Location: Rooftop
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Head 君がこんなに近いなんて、何だか嬉しいなぁ……
Having you this close to me makes me kinda happy...
Chest サーフィンしてるからね。これでも体幹はしっかり鍛えてるんだよ
It's 'cause I surf. That's why my core's actually pretty firm.
Arms あはは。 そんなに慌てなくても、 とって食いやしないよ?
Ahaha. You don't have to panic so much, I won't eat you, you know?
Best Choice: Head
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