Izumi Sena Intimate Event Fountain
"Sigh... I feel like Yuu-kun is avoiding me today too."
Location: Fountain
Area Touched Response Result
Chest ……ゆうくん、これからあんたのところでレッスンするの? じゃあ、俺も参加しようかなぁ。いいでしょ?

...Yuu-kun is going to have lessons at your place? Then I'll participate too. It's fine, right?

Arms なぁに? 励ましてるつもりなの? あんたに励まされちゃ俺も焼きが回ったのかねぇ Good
Head あぁ~もう! いい加減にしてよ、うざぁいってば! あんたに用はないんだからさぁ?

Ugh, seriously! Cut it out, you're annoying! Don't you have anything better to be doing?

Best Choice: Chest

Izumi Sena Intimate Event Stage
"If you want to be my producer you better pair me up with Yuu-kun, kay?"
Location: Stage
Area Touched Response Result
Arms ...もう、腕引っ張んないでよ!え?...レッソンを受けるならゆうくんの写真あげるって?

Alright, already, don't pull on my arm. Huh? If I do my lesson you'll give me a photo of Yuu-kun?

Head ちょっと、なぁに? 目の前でぼーっとしてないで、やることやりなよ? Good
Chest 押さないでよ、練習は俺がやりたい時にやるんだから......! OK
Best Choice: Arms

Izumi Sena Intimate Event School Halls
"Hey, don't just stand there. You're in my way."
Location: School Halls
Area Touched Response Result
Head ふぅん、髪の毛切ったのわかったんだ?一応観察力は少しあるんだねぇ

Hmm, so you actually noticed that I cut my hair? Looks like you've got some observational skills after all.

Chest んん、俺の邪魔さえしなければいいの。 そうすればお互い平和でいられるでしょ? Good
Arms うわっ!? いきなり何なの? いやがらせとかじゃないよねぇ? OK
Best Choice: Head
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