Hinata Aoi intimate event rooftop
"転校生さんの落とし物、拾ったよ? さて、どこにかくしているでしょう!

I've picked up something you dropped, Transfer student-san. Now, where did I hide it?"

Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Chest うわっ、びっくりした! こうも簡単に見つかっちゃうとはね

Woah, you surprised me! It was that easy to find, huh.

Head 帽子とか被ってないから、見たらわかるんじゃない〜?

I'm not wearing a hat or anything, so can't you tell just by looking~?

Arms はずれ~。袖の中にも隠してないよ?

Wrong~ I'm not hiding it in my sleeves, either, you know?

Best Choice: Chest

Hinata Aoi intimate event gym
"おぉ、新しいパフォーマンス思いついちゃった! 今日は冴えてるね~☆

Oh, I thought of a new performance! I'm on a roll today!"

Location: Gym
Area Touched Response Result
Chest 鍛えてるから、どんな技だってやってみせるよ!

Because I've trained, I'll show you any kind of trick!

Head 俺って天才? 褒められたら天狗になっちゃうよ〜?

I'm a genius? If you compliment me, I won't stop bragging about it, you know~?

Arms うわっ、びっくりした! 何だろ、静電気かな?

Woah, that surprised me! Was that static electricity?

Best Choice: Chest

Hinata Aoi Intimate Event Classroom

I wonder what I should do for my next prank~"

Location: Classroom
Area Touched Response Result
Head おっ、妙案が浮かんだ気がする……♪

Oh, I feel like I just had a great idea... ♪

Arms おっと、俺を呼んだ?

Oops, did you call for me?

Chest あぁ、今何か浮かんだ気がしたのに忘れちゃった・・・・・・!

Ah, I feel like I almost came up with something but I forgot it...!

Best Choice: Head
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