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  • Votes will be made by sharing on Twitter, and there will be three rounds of voting.
  • The character with the most votes will be made into a limited card, and one limited story will be made available.
  • The character with the second most votes will also have one limited story made available.
  • All voters will be automatically entered into the drawing for various prizes, amounting to a total of 1,000,000 yen.

Idol Audition Prize

Audition Rounds

Idol Audition Round 1

  • Period: 03/06/2015-03/20/2015
  • The theme of this round is: "Love confession." Choose the idol with the confession that most appeals to you.
  • Entries:


Tetora Nagumo


Idol Audition 1 Tetora Nagumo
"Yuss! ...Hehe, I put all my feelings into this, you know!"
Hajime Shino


Idol Audition 1 Hajime Shino
"I want to convey my feelings for you through a song..."
Tomoya Mashiro


Idol Audition 1 Tomoya Mashiro
"Just being with you makes me happy, senpai!"
Hinata Aoi


Idol Audition 1 Hinata Aoi
"I'll never let go of you~!"
Midori Takamine


"I'd get depressed and want to die if you left, senpai."
Tori Himemiya


Idol Audition 1 Tori Himemiya
"You're my slave, so make sure to stay by my side forever ♪"
Shinobu Sengoku


Idol Audition 1 Shinobu Sengoku
"Wilt thou not accept my love?"
Mitsuru Tenma


Idol Audition 1 Mitsuru Tenma
"Nee-chan, I'd choose you over hamburgers!"
Yuta Aoi


Idol Audition 1 Yuuta Aoi
"I don't want to be apart from you... Yes, that's how strongly I feel about you."
Tsukasa Suou


Idol Audition 1 Tsukasa Suou
"Right now, I'm the only one who can make your heart beat faster, right...?"
Subaru Akehoshi


Idol Audition 1 Subaru Akehoshi
"Your smile shines so brightly, it feels warm..."
Hokuto Hidaka


Idol Audition 1 Hokuto Hidaka
"When I'm with you, my heart can find peace. I want to stay by your side..."
Makoto Yuuki


Idol Audition 1 Makoto Yuuki
"I can do anything, if that is your wish."
Souma Kanzaki


Idol Audition 1 Souma Kanzaki
"I can't hold all of these feelings for you inside of me."
Adonis Otogari


Idol Audition 1 Adonis Otogari
"Your arms are too thin. It worries me, so eat more meat."
Koga Oogami


Idol Audition 1 Koga Oogami
"Uuh? You're mine right?"
Ritsu Sakuma


Idol Audition 1 Ritsu Sakuma
"*yawn* Don't leave me while I'm sleeping, okay?"
Mao Isara


Idol Audition 1 Mao Isara
"These feelings are real, which is why I want to be with you."
Yuzuru Fushimi


Idol Audition 1 Yuzuru Fushimi
"I have been waiting for someone like you."
Arashi Narukami


Idol Audition 1 Arashi Narukami
"Ufufu~ Come spend a nice and happy time with me.♪"
Eichi Tenshouin


Idol Audition 1 Eichi Tenshouin
"You'll become my only one, because you create such beautiful sounds."
Keito Hasumi


Idol Audition 1 Keito Hasumi
"Ever since I started noticing you, I couldn't help finding faults with you."
Kaoru Hakaze


Idol Audition 1 Kaoru Hakaze
"I'll show you my serious side, be prepared."
Izumi Sena


Idol Audition 1 Izumi Sena
"Hey~ I won't bully you, so won't you come over here?"
Chiaki Morisawa


Idol Audition 1 Chiaki Morisawa
"I want to hold you--all of you--in my arms."
Kuro Kiryu


Idol Audition 1 Kuro Kiryu
"I'm not glaring at you... I just want to take a good look at your face, little miss."
Wataru Hibiki


Idol Audition 1 Wataru Hibiki
"Together, we'll create an amazing love song that echoes to the farthest corner of the world."
Kanata Shinkai


Idol Audition 1 Kanata Shinkai
"Forever with you... (bubble bubble)..."
Rei Sakuma


Idol Audition 1 Rei Sakuma
"Let's share the same coffin tonight...♪"
Nazuna Nito


Idol Audition 1 Nazuna Nito
"Big brother will protect you, too~"

Idol Audition Round 2

  • Period: 03/21/2015-04/04/2015
  • The theme of this round is: "Plan for the first date," as devised by the idols themselves. Which idol do you want to go on a date with?
  • Entries:
A pro-wrestling date with Tetora Nagumo

[Previous version]
"I'll make sure that you have fun, sis...!"

  • 8:00 Meet up!
  • 9:00 Play one round of bowling!
  • 10:00 Karaoke time! I'm going to show you my singing skill!
  • 12:00 Lunch time!
  • 13:00 Moving on to the next location!
  • 14:00 Watch a pro-wrestling match!
  • 17:00 Dinner time! I've already made a reservation, just leave everything to me~!
  • 19:00 Finally, we're going to watch the night view from a hill ☆

[New version]
"I'll make sure that you have lots and lots of fun...!"

  • 8:00 We're meeting up first thing in the morning!
  • 9:00 Then we'll walk to our destination. It feels great to walk!
  • 10:00 I'm going to show you my singing skill at karaoke!
  • 13:00 We'll have a hearty lunch at my favorite ramen restaurant!
  • 14:00 To work off the food, I'm going to show you some karate forms at nearby park!
  • 17:00 We're going to watch a pro-wrestling match! It's a passionate sport ☆
  • 19:00 Finally, we're going to watch the night view from a hill ☆
A picnic date with Hajime Shino

[Previous version]
"I will make the boxed lunches and bring them with me...♪"

  • 9:00 Meet up.
  • 10:00 Take a walk in the flower garden.
  • 12:00 Lunch in the park, picnic-style ♪
  • 14:00 To the Science Museum.
  • 17:00 Let's look at the starry sky in the planetarium.

[New version]
"I will make the boxed lunches and bring them with me...♪"

  • 9:00 We're meeting up at the station. I will come 10 minutes early.
  • 10:00 We're heading to the botanical garden. I will give you a tour of the place ♪
  • 12:00 It's time for lunch in the park, picnic-style ♪
  • 14:00 We'll take our time, chatting about things.
  • 15:00 Next we're moving on to the shopping district for shopping time.
  • 16:00 I'm going to secretly find out what you like in the general store.
  • 17:00 We'll go home early, before it gets dark. I will give you the present I bought for you at the general store as a memento of the occasion, and that's it for today!
A relaxing date with Tomoya Mashiro

[Previous version]
"Hmm... I'm not so good at coming up with this sort of thing."

  • 9:00 Meet up.
  • 10:00 Watch a movie.
  • 13:00 Lunch at some café.
  • 15:00 Shopping... maybe...?

[New version]
"Hmm... I'm not so good at coming up with this sort of thing."

  • 9:00 Meet up in front of the station.
  • 10:00 Watch a movie. I will buy the tickets beforehand...!
  • 13:00 Lunch at a café. Maybe a place with good pasta?
  • 15:00 Shopping...maybe...?
  • 17:00 Hmm. I can't think of anything else, so this will be it for the day...
A sweets-themed date with Hinata Aoi

[Previous version]
"It's such a bliss to be surrounded by sweets!"

  • 10:00 Meet up!
  • 11:00 Visit the event "Sweets Exhibition"!
  • 12:00 Let's eat lots of sweets~ This can be our lunch!
  • 14:00 The goal is to eat and compare all kinds of cream puff!

[New version]
"It's such a bliss to be surrounded by sweets!"

  • 10:00 Meet up at the ticket gate of the station!
  • 11:00 We'll go to various sweets-related events and sample the food!
  • 14:00 Today's main point of attraction is the sweets buffet! Let's choose a place so extravagant that we'll have a hard time choosing!
  • 16:00 We should be pre~tty full by now, so let's take a break at a coffee shop~
  • 17:00 After having rested, we'l head to my favorite cream puff specialty shop in the shopping district!
  • 18:00 Yuta-kun will probably feel lonely at home, so I'm going to buy him something, and we'll part here~♪ This schedule should satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth ♪
A local event date with Midori Takamine

[Previous version]
"It seems like a lot of trouble to move between different locations, so we'll stick to one event..."

  • 10:00 Meet up!
  • 11:00 Go to the local mascot character event.
  • 12:00 Apparently they also have lots of local cuisine items, so...
  • 15:00 Furthermore, I've heard that they also have a stamp-collecting event...
  • 17:00 That's it for today. Thank you for accompanying me...

[New version]
"It's a lot of trouble to go to all different places. Surely you'll want to leave early...

  • 10:00 Meet up at the station. We could make the time a little later as well...
  • 11:00 Go to the local mascot character event...♪
  • 12:00 Lunch within the event complex, I guess...
  • 14:00 They also have a raffle event and such, so let's hang out here a bit more...
  • 16:00 That's it for today. Thank you for accompanying me...
A home visit date with Tori Himemiya
"I'm going to invite you to my mansion. Think of it as a privilege!"
  • 10:00 As a special treat, I'm inviting you to my first-class mansion ♪
  • 11:00 I guess I can show you around my big, bi~g mansion ☆
  • 12:00 Lunch will be held in the garden. Don't leave any food, or you'll hear from Yuzuru!
  • 13:00 I'm introducing you to my pet dog, King ♪
  • 14:00 Be it tennis, billiard, or chess, I'm familiar with all the basic forms of entertainment, so just choose whatever you like ☆
  • 15:00 It's afternoon tea time ♪
  • 16:00 Maybe reading books in my private library? There's also a projector screen there, so we could watch a movie if you want ♪
  • 17:00 I'll treat you to a barbecue in the garden with all sorts of high-class meat. You can eat to your heart's content ☆
A "one day as a ninja" date with Shinobu Sengoku

[Previous version]
"This will be for daytime training!"

  • 9:00 Meet-up.
  • 10:00 We’ll do hide-and-seek first!
  • 11:00 I’ve hidden myself, so please find me!
  • 12:00 I’ve prepared soldier pills for our lunch!
  • 13:00 After lunch, we’ll practice our infiltration techniques in a castle!
  • 16:00 If we get hungry, we can get our energy up with packaged dried plums~!
  • 17:00 I want to use the castle walls to practice wall-climbing jutsu… ♪
  • 18:00 Training is over!

Translation credits
[New version]
"I'll teach you the secret way of the ninja!"

  • 9:00 Meet up. Please remember to wear clothes that allow for easy movement.
  • 10:00 We will do some stretching to prevent injury during training.
  • 12:00 For lunch, we will have the field rations that I prepared, so that you can be familiar with how ninja eat...♪
  • 13:00 Next we'll do a mental concentration exercise.
  • 14:00 We'll play hide-and-seek to train your ability to hide your presence!
  • 16:00 I will teach you how to throw the shuriken!
  • 18:00 End of training! This should give you a pretty good idea of the charm of ninja...♪
A hiking date with Mitsuru Tenma

"So this is what a 'date' is like?"

  • 8:00 Meet-up time!
  • 9:00 We'll go hiking on the mountains~!
  • 10:00 Let's race to the top! Woo~sh☆
  • 12:00 We'll have rice balls for lunch~♪
  • 13:00 Let's bask in the sun!
  • 15:00 And then go home before the sun sets!
  • 17:00 Finally, we'll have some hamburgers!
A swimming pool date with Yuta Aoi

"I’m pretty confident in my swimming, so I’d like to show it to you!"

  • 10:00 We’ll meet in front of the public pool.
  • 11:00 Let’s swim together in the pool right away!
  • 13:00 For lunch, I wanna try the famous super spicy ramen near the pool. ♪
  • 14:00 We’ll be swimming in the afternoon, too!
  • 16:00 If you’re in the pool too long, you might catch a cold, so let’s get out now.
  • 17:00 We’ll take a break to get hot drinks at a cafe, then it’s time to take you home and say goodbye. ♪

Translation credits

A mature date with Tsukasa Suou

"A marvelous time with you."

  • 10:00 We'll meet up in front of the station. I would like us to come exactly on time, so that there won't be any time wasted.
  • 11:00 We'll spend some casual time visiting a couple of vintage bookstores.
  • 12:00 Let us have lunch ♪
  • 13:00 There is apparently something called a bazaar being held at the park on the national holiday, and I would definitely like to go and have a look.
  • 15:00 It is time for afternoon tea. There's a café that I would like to show you.
  • 18:00 Let us spend some leisurely time having dinner at a restaurant where the chef is an acquaintance of mine ♪
An outdoor date with Subaru Akehoshi

"At the end of the date, I want to look at the sky with you, where all the stars sparkle and shine!"

  • 9:00 Let's meet up a little on the early side!
  • 10:00 We'll go to see a dance festival!
  • 12:00 Would you mind if we have fast food for lunch?
  • 14:00 In the afternoon, we'll play street basketball in the back of the shopping district! Everyone there is really friendly. It's fun... ☆
  • 16:00 Now that we've moved around so much, let's take a break! Maybe a café would be good?
  • 19:00 We'll look at the night sky from somewhere with a good view!
A refreshing date with Hokuto Hidaka

"I've tried to come up with a schedule that can help you refresh yourself while still reinforcing your personal cultivation."

  • 9:00 Meet up at the station, of course.
  • 10:00 We'll visit a famous shrine. People are making a big deal about locations with mystic power, right?
  • 11:00 Studies, health, wealth... We could buy the charms relevant to what we wish for.
  • 12:00 We'll have some soba or udon to supply ourselves with energy for the activities in the afternoon.
  • 14:00 An acquaintance of mine is a famous musician. How about going to his concert?
  • 17:00 Let's have dinner somewhere near the concert hall.
  • 18:00 Your parents would be worried if you come back too late. I must also take you all the way home.
A student date with Makoto Yuuki

"Girls are so delicate. I hope this schedule will make you happy, though..."

  • 10:00 Meet up at the shopping district. I'm going to arrive a little early to wait for you!
  • 11:00 While checking out the current hit songs in the CD shops, we can also find out about each other's taste in music! ...I hope.
  • 13:00 A light meal at a fast food restaurant! ...Or maybe a more fancy place would be more suitable for girls.
  • 15:00 I want to play the UFO catcher and other coin-operated games in the video arcade with you ♪ Plus this is where I can show off my skill!
  • 17:00 T-time sure flies by...! You must have your own plan for tomorrow, so this will be it for today, and see you tomorrow!
An old-styled date with Souma Kanzaki

"So, what exactly is this 'date plan' thing?"

  • 9:00 Anyway, I guess we'll meet in front of the academy.
  • 10:00 Just walking around the academy would be the same as always... I guess we'll work out something if we go to the shopping district.
  • 12:00 N-now that we're at the shopping district, where should we have lunch?
  • 14:00 T-to change the mood, let's head to the beach. ...I don't really like places with lots of people, either.
  • 16:00 So what exactly are we supposed to do on a "date"...?! All that I can come up with are either to practice traditional dancing or to practice sword-swinging!
A farm date with Adonis Otogari

"We’ll pet some animals and eat well."

  • 9:00 We’ll meet at the station. Eat breakfast first.
  • 10:00 We’ll go to a farm. There are too many people in the city, it’s tiring.
  • 12:00 Have a meal at the farm. Let’s be thankful for nature’s blessing.
  • 14:00 You can pet the small animals. I’ll watch.
  • 16:00 I’ll play the ocarina for you. I’m pretty good at it.
  • 17:00 It will get colder as night falls. Nighttime is dangerous, so I’ll escort you home.

Translation credits

A casual date with Koga Oogami

"Dates go something like thi~s, right…?"

  • 10:00 Meet-up. Don’t be later than me, I won’t forgive you.
  • 11:00 We’ll loiter around in the park nearby.
  • 12:00 We’ll eat at a convenience store or wherever else works.
  • 14:00 We’ll loiter around there, we’ve got time.
  • 16:00 Girls like cafes, right? You can pass the time and I’ll take a nap.
  • 18:00 Yakiniku for dinner! That’s enough for you, right?!

Translation credits

A library date with Ritsu Sakuma

[Previous version]
"You can tell me if there’s somewhere else you’d rather go…"

  • 15:00 Meet-up. I can’t get up while it’s daytime…
  • 16:00 Watch a movie at the movie theater.
  • 17:00 What a nice nap… I was right to choose a quiet movie. ♪
  • 18:00 Dinner at a quiet restaurant sounds nice.
  • 19:00 We’ll decide the rest as it comes.

Translation credits, with modifications
[New version]
"You can tell me if there’s somewhere else you’d rather go…"

  • 15:00 Meet-up at the library. I can't get up while it's daytime...
  • 16:00 You can read some random books or something. I'm still sleepy, so I'll take a nap somewhere.
  • 18:00 I've gotten pretty hungry, so let's eat at some random place.
  • 19:00 We'll decide the rest as it comes.
A hobby-themed date with Mao Isara

"I guess I should ask for what you want to do first."

  • 10:00 Meet up in front of the station.
  • 11:00 Window-shopping at the shopping district? Maybe we could buy what we want, too.
  • 12:00 A light lunch. Maybe Italian fast food? I don't know to~o much about fancy places.
  • 14:00 Let's watch a basketball match! I was hoping that we could be all fired up about it together, but is this different from what you had in mind?
  • 17:00 It's a bit early, but let's have dinner. There's a ramen restaurant that everyone's been talking about, I just have to check it out!
An art date with Yuzuru Fushimi

"I have prepared a plan exactly according to your liking."

  • 9:00 Let us meet in front of the station.
  • 10:00 Our first stop is the Museum of Modern Art. There are many striking works of art there, I'm sure you would find it fascinating.
  • 12:00 A buffet... basically an all-you-can-eat, in less civilized terms. There is a great variety of food there, so there should be something to your liking.
  • 14:00 Our next stop will be my regular coffee shop. Let us spend some relaxing time here after the meal.
  • 16:00 We can choose whichever location you want next. It could be the shopping district or the park.
  • 18:00 I have made reservations at both an Italian and a French restaurant, and you can pick either of the two.
A fancy shop date with Arashi Narukami

"I'll take you to lots of fancy stores ♪"

  • 10:00 There's no need to meet up too early ♪
  • 11:00 Window shopping! I have experience as a model, so I'll pick out some clothes for you ☆
  • 12:00 Lunch time ♪ I guess you can't go wrong with Italian food~?
  • 14:00 I'll take you to my favorite general store ☆
  • 16:00 Let's take a break! Leisurely time for sweets at a café ♪
  • 18:00 It's a bit early, but let's head back! I'll take you home ♪
A date on a drive with Eichi Tenshouin

"I hope you don't mind that we'll travel by car..."

  • 9:00 Meet up in front of the station. My limousine will be waiting for you.
  • 10:00 Our first destination is the herb garden. I thought a place with refreshing air would be nice.
  • 12:00 Lunch at the restaurant inside the garden. They have many dishes made from herbs here.
  • 14:00 To work off the food, let's take a look at the places we haven't visited yet, as well as the exhibition they have.
  • 15:00 Shall we have tea at my favorite black tea specialty shop? ♪
  • 17:00 We'll go to the next destination on my limousine.
  • 18:00 Dinner at a hotel. We'll also enjoy the night view while eating.
  • 19:00 I will make sure to take you home, before your parents start becoming worried.
A study date with Keito Hasumi

"How's this? The schedule is not just for a date--it should be good for your study, too."

  • 8:00 Convene at our destination. We'll follow the time in the schedule to a T. Don't be late.
  • 10:00 To the Museum of History. I've done complete research beforehand, and I'll explain everything to you.
  • 14:00 It's a bit late, but we'll have lunch somewhere near the museum.
  • 16:00 We could read some books while lounging in a book café.
  • 18:00 I'll take you to the station while reviewing what we've done today.
A surfing date with Kaoru Hakaze

"I think it’ll be getting warmer for this."

  • 10:00 We’ll meet in front of the station. Waiting is something enjoyable, hmm? ♪
  • 11:00 Let’s go to the beach. I’ll unveil my exceptional surfing. ♪
  • 13:00 We’ll have lunch at an Umi no Ie*. ♪ There will be a lot of delicious things, so look forward to it!
  • 15:00 If you want to swim together, I can teach you surfing. If you don’t want to swim, we can take a stroll along the beach.
  • 17:00 Dinner while watching the sun set over the sea! What a spellbinding mood, really. ♪
  • 19:00 It’s a pity, but that’s all for the first date. How about we make plans for the next one while I escort you home~?

(Umi no Ie is a seasonal facility at beaches that includes locker rooms, break areas, showers, and food.)
Translation credits

A date with Izumi Sena during his short moments of break

"It’s fine if I just spend time with you on breaks from work, right?"

  • 9:00 Meet-up at the station. If you’re late, I’ll just leave.
  • 10:00 I have dance lessons, so you can pass the time observing the lessons.
  • 12:00 I have modeling work to do, so we’ll eat a light lunch on the way there. We can have tea at a cafe before the shoot.
  • 13:00 I’ll be totally ignoring you during the shoot, all right? You can stay at the studio if you want to observe from a corner.
  • 17:00 Work’s done. If there’s somewhere you want to go, I’ll give you an hour.

Translation credits

A theme park date with Chiaki Morisawa

[Previous version]
"Let's spend one passionate day at the theme park!"

  • 8:00 Meet up
  • 9:00 To the theme park!
  • 10:00 The roller coaster is so much fun!
  • 12:00 This place has the best fried potatoes!
  • 13:00 Today's main point of attraction is the superhero show ☆
  • 14:00 Let's take a break and have another round of fried potatoes!
  • 17:00 And that's it for today.

[New version]
"Let's spend one passionate day at the theme park!"

  • 8:00 We're meeting up at the park! There'll be a lot of moving around, so we'll do some stretching beforehand ☆
  • 9:00 Our destination is the theme park! How's that? Exciting, isn't it...? ☆
  • 10:00 Starting from the entrance, we'll try out all of the attractions!
  • 12:00 For lunch, we'll buy something from the food court! One of the things I look forward to when going to a theme park ♪
  • 13:00 Today's main point of attraction is the superhero show! We're gonna cheer for the heroes with all our might!
  • 17:00 Now that the sun is setting, let's visit the haunted house!
  • 18:00 We've enjoyed the theme park all the way until closing time. Let's go home ♪
A date at the zoo with Kuro Kiryu

"I couldn't come up with a good idea for our destination, so I ended up choosing a place that my little sis would enjoy..."

  • 10:00 We're meeting up in front of the station. Take your time, don't sweat it. I don't want you to trip and fall or something.
  • 11:00 We'll be on our way to the zoo.
  • 12:00 Lunch at the zoo.
  • 14:00 I guess we'll take a walk around the zoo and feed the animals.
  • 15:00 Maybe we could ride the boat in the pond as well? I'm no stranger to rowing. Just leave it to me.
  • 17:00 Steak at a family restaurant for dinner... or is that too much for you to eat, little miss?
  • 18:00 I'm gonna take you home before your parents start becoming worried.
A luxurious date at a hotel with Wataru Hibiki

[Previous version]
"Let us spend a day filled with brilliance and surprises!"

  • 9:00 Meet-up.
  • 10:00 Let’s go for a swim in the hotel pool… ☆
  • 12:00 How does the hotel’s colorful fruits bar sound!
  • 13:00 A midday nap on the terrace sounds good… ♪
  • 14:00 Please enjoy my one-man opera from specially reserved seating… ☆
  • 19:00 And tonight, we’ll go to a masked ball… ☆

Translation credits
[New version]
"Let me present you with a day full of surprises that you've never experienced before...☆"

  • 9:00 Let us meet at the lobby of the hotel (I'll let you know which beforehand).
  • 10:00 Let's take a swim in the hotel swimming pool...☆
  • 12:00 Let's have lunch in the hotel restaurant ♪
  • 14:00 Bungee-jumping from the terrace, hide-and-seek in the hotel, treasure hunt... Let me show you the tricks I've implanted to make you forget the word "boredom"...☆
  • 17:00 Please enjoy my solo magic and opera performance in the theater that I have exclusively reserved for us.
  • 19:00 In the evening, we'll head to a masquerade ball...☆
A sea-themed date with Kanata Shinkai

"Every item in my schedule has to do with the sea… ♪"

  • 9:00 We’ll meet at the sea.
  • 10:00 Let’s take a walk on the beach… ♪
  • 12:00 Let’s eat some delicious fish cuisine… ♪
  • 14:00 Let’s go to the aquarium… ♪
  • 16:00 Let’s go to the museum for sea animals… ♪
  • 18:00 Thanks for everything… ♪

Translation credits, with modification

A night date with Rei Sakuma

"We’ll have plenty of time in the dark of night… ♪"

  • 14:00 We’ll meet at the underground mall. It’s too bright up above.
  • 15:00 Shall we have tea at a cafe with little lighting?
  • 17:00 Let's go up aboveground once the night falls… ♪
  • 18:00 How about we eat at a bar where we can enjoy a jazz performance?
  • 19:00 Since it’s the first date, we’ll save the rest for some other time. ♪

Translation credits, with modifications

A date in the shopping district with Nazuna Nito

"I think it'd be nice to not be too meticulous about it~"

  • 11:00 Let’s meet up at the station a little later in the day. You want to sleep in when you have a day off, right~?
  • 12:00 Let’s get something in our stomachs first. Maybe at a cafe or family restaurant?
  • 14:00 Wander around the shopping district and do some shopping.
  • 16:00 Take a break at the ice cream shop ♪ We’ll want something sweet to eat, right?
  • 17:00 Take our time at the arcade or karaoke.
  • 19:00 I’ll take you back to the station and we’ll say our goodbyes while it hasn't gotten too late!

Translation credits, with modifications

Note: The date plan entries for all characters were modified with more elaborate details approximately one day after the initial opening of round 2.

Idol Audition Round 3

  • Period: 04/05/2015-04/19/2015
  • The theme of this round is: "Self-promotion." This is the last chance! The idols will do their best to appeal themselves to you.
  • Entries:
Tetora Nagumo
Tetora Nagumo Idol Audition 3 Info
Yuss! I will show you my fighting spirit, Miss Producer~!
Hajime Shino
Hajime Shino Idol Audition 3 Info
Uhm. I'm very nervous about this, but I'd be happy if you'd choose me...
Tomoya Mashiro
Tomoya Mashiro Idol Audition 3 Info
P-please choose me...!
Hinata Aoi
Hinata Aoi Idol Audition 3 Info
You already have your answer, right? Of course you'll choose me ♪
Midori Takamine
Midori Takamine Idol Audition 3 Info
Sigh... An audition of all things, how depressing... But I've got to try my best, or it would be a shock if you didn't choose me, senpai...
Tori Himemiya
Tori Himemiya Idol Audition 3 Info
Heehee~♪ The winner is obviously me, of course. You'll choose me by default, right? ♪
Shinobu Sengoku
Shinobu Sengoku Idol Audition 3 Info
Since it's you, oh noble producer, I'm sure you would be able to see my... "ninja charm"!
Mitsuru Tenma
Mitsuru Tenma Idol Audition 3 Info
I don't really get all those complicated things, but I want to be with you, nee-chan!
Yuta Aoi
Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 3 Info
Please choose me, rather than my brother!
Tsukasa Suou
Tsukasa Suou Idol Audition 3 Info
Choosing me will be the best decision you'll ever make, my lady.
Subaru Akehoshi
Subaru Akehoshi Idol Audition 3 Info
Yes yeeees! You'll choose me, right, producer~?
Hokuto Hidaka
Hokuto Hidaka Idol Audition 3 Info
I'm not going to be a bother to you. All you have to do is choose me.
Makoto Yuuki
Makoto Yuuki Idol Audition 3 Info
If you don't choose me, you won't be able to make it in this world! ...Or so I say running my mouth off again.
Souma Kanzaki
Souma Kanzaki Idol Audition 3 Info
Noble producer! Once you choose me, I will show you a dance of sword as a token of my gratitude!
Adonis Otogari
Adonis Otogari Idol Audition 3 Info
...I'm not good at talking, and I don't have much to say, but I do wish you would choose me.
Koga Oogami
Koga Oogami Idol Audition 3 Info
Sheesh, there's no need to think~! Just choose yours truly!
Ritsu Sakuma
Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 3 Info
Ah~ You don't really have to choose me. Can I sleep already?
Mao Isara
Mao Isara Idol Audition 3 Info
I can't do everything on my own. That's why I need your support.
Yuzuru Fushimi
Yuzuru Fushimi Idol Audition 3 Info
It would be really nice if you were my producer~ Hehe ♪
Arashi Narukami
Arashi Narukami Idol Audition 3 Info
Oh my, oh my, oh my, it would be such a waste if you don't choose me!
Eichi Tenshouin
Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 3 Info
I wonder if you'll choose me. Hehe, it sounds like such fun to be with you.
Keito Hasumi
Keito Hasumi Idol Audition 3 Info
Hmph, to think that I actually need a favor from you. Looks like you still have some sense in your brain, if you choose me that is.
Kaoru Hakaze
Kaoru Hakaze Idol Audition 3 Info
Hey, you won't lose anything if you choose me. No joke, no joke ^^
Izumi Sena
Izumi Sena Idol Audition 3 Info
It's best to follow your intuition when it comes to things like this right? Just choose me, as easy as that right?
Chiaki Morisawa
Chiaki Morisawa Idol Audition 3 Info
Mmhmm! I can feel the heated gaze of the transfer student...! This means I'm obviously the chosen one yeah ☆
Kuro Kiryu
Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 3 Info
Heh, you're choosing me, noo? Even if you choose me, I won't cause any trouble for you, little miss.
Wataru Hibiki
Wataru Hibiki Idol Audition 3 Info
Amazing! What need is there to waver? Your world will be at peace if you choose me...☆
Kanata Shinkai
Kanata Shinkai Idol Audition 3 Info
If I'm chosen, can we *bubble bubble... ♪* together...?
Rei Sakuma
Rei Sakuma Idol Audition 3 Info
What a nice little young lady we have here. You should choose me ♪
Nazuna Nito
Nazuna Nito Idol Audition 3 Info
I'm the one you're choosing, right? Nii-chan believes in you~♪

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