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Howl (Episode)
Episode 2
Air Date July 14, 2019
Dub Release August 11, 2019
Blu-Ray Volume 1
Chapters Rebellion

The second episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. While first prescreened on June 17, 2019 along with the 1st episode, it officially aired on July 14th. The opening song is Stars' Ensemble, and the ending song is 1st SING-ALONG☆. The commercial break illustrations are from (Lying Youth) Jin Sagami and (Hospitality) Hajime Shino.


Anzu arrives to school, coming first to the infirmary for a final check-up after the events at the Dragon King Competition. She then meets up with 3/4 of Trickstar, who ask her to be their producer. Meanwhile, Mao walks into a tense situation in the Student Council room. Trickstar is talking with Hajime in the Auditorium when Anzu is suddenly kidnapped by Hinata and Yuta, who take her to Rei. After watching Trickstar dance and sing, Rei agrees to help with their revolution, assigning the other members of the Light Music Club to train them. While the others are training, Subaru and Anzu attend the AKATSUKI vs Ra*bits live. After seeing the shocking disregard for Ra*bits' performance, Subaru angrily declares that he wants to destroy the academy's current structure.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

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