Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Hokuto Hidaka Sub Story Part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Music Room

What are you doing being so absent-minded, Transfer Student.

Our next lesson is in the classroom, not the music room. If we don’t get a move on, then we won’t make it to the lesson.

You forgot something? Hmph, then you’re the same as me. I also forgot something in the music room, so I came back to get it.

But it’s baffling that it’s unexpectedly disappeared.

I know I securely left it in my desk—just where could it have gone……

Hmm. Transfer Student, what’s that you’re holding in your hand?

…… You don’t really know? You have no recollection of putting it in your desk, but it was there anyway?

It seems like we both mistook our own seats. The thing you’re looking for is this, right?

As I thought—that was placed inside this desk here.

In other words, it means that the seat you were sitting on during our music lesson was this one right here.

And where you’re standing right now is my seat.

Otherwise, what I’m searching for wouldn’t have been in your desk.

I was almost about to rush into the Staffroom if I hadn’t been able to find it. We were both lucky.

You’re giving me a blank look…… Hmm. Is it so unexpected for me to be holding a crossword puzzle?

Well, it doesn’t matter. Doing crosswords in the middle of a lesson isn’t an act to be praised.

My granny also used to say, “You should earnestly listen to the teacher while in class.”

But she didn’t say not to do crosswords either.

I’ve been diligently listening to the teacher while doing my crosswords. There shouldn’t be any problem this way.

Having said that though, I didn’t actually end up completely solving it. I only just managed to fill out the “down” part of it.

I was planning on solving the remaining “across” during the break, but those plans went amiss because I forgot it in the music room.

Mess up a little and everything goes out of balance. It’ll probably be difficult to finish the one book for today.

Well, it’s fine. I still have time before the subscription deadline, so there’s no need to rush. Besides, solving them all in one go lessens the fun.

I’ve already bought and solved all the ones lined up in the bookstore when we entered the new month. So I still have time till the next batch arrives.

Until then, I will thoroughly focus on this copy.

Sorry to keep you back with my drawn-out talk.

The bells are already ringing—you should also hurry back to the classroom so that you won’t be late.

See you later, Transfer Student.

Translator: Nhi
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