Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Sense of Responsibility and His Friends) Hokuto Hidaka's Idol Road
Hokuto Hidaka Comrades - 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Mao Isara AI Dialogue Render

Pheeew~ I'm super busy, between my work for the student council and practice for Trickstar, huh~?

Makoto Yuuki AI Dialogue Render

And recently, the work people have wanted to give us has increased, too, huh. It's flattering, but I'm really sorry I can't participate in the publicity stuff that has photo shoots in it...

Mao Isara AI Dialogue Render

Makoto, you have bad memories about cameras, don't you?

It'll be a problem if you keep being so sensitive about how uncomfortable you are about them, but it'd be a much bigger problem if you pushed yourself too much and collapsed, you know, so...

You'll be fine if you can conquer it a little at a time, won't you? I won't spare anything in helping you out with it, you know~?

Makoto Yuuki AI Dialogue Render

Thanks, Isara-kun. I'll... do my best to conquer it, bit by bit, okay!

Mao Isara AI Dialogue Render

Alright, that's the spirit, that's the spirit ♪

Oh, Anzu, good work, too. And thanks for the gifts, you know.

Makoto Yuuki AI Dialogue Render

Today's doughnuts, huh. Uwah, they look sweet and yummy...♪

Huh? You... made these, Anzu-chan? That's amazing, Anzu-chan, that you can make doughnuts and stuff. I respect you ♪

Mao Isara AI Dialogue Render

Even though the honeyed lemons that you made after Sengoku taught you were "some kind of clumps", going from there to doughnuts is some amazing progress, isn't it.

Ah, but, you made konpeito choux cream, too, and all, so you should be able to make doughnuts, huh?

Hmm. They're not fried in oil, so they're low calorie, you say... You were even paying attention to the calories for us?

Makoto Yuuki AI Dialogue Render

*munch**munch**munch**munch* ♪ They're as yummy as the doughnuts they sell in the shops, you know~♪ They're so yummy, I can just gobble them down ♪

Subaru Akehoshi AI Dialogue Render

I'm... I'm back~...

Hokuto Hidaka AI Dialogue Render

You're looking slovenly, Akehoshi. Straighten up.

Subaru Akehoshi AI Dialogue Render

Ooohh, Hokke, you ogre! Demon!

What are you trying to pull, telling just me to do this and that, even though you don't say anything annoying to Sari~ and Ukki~?

Hokuto Hidaka AI Dialogue Render

Cause you... have the actual ability, but you're the type to slack off, you know.

If I wasn't next to you keeping an eye on you, I'm sure you would have gone home even today, making some excuse about needing to walk your dog, right?

Subaru Akehoshi AI Dialogue Render

It's not an excuse, I really have to walk Daikichi... Lately, I haven't been taking him on walks, so Daikichi has gotten rebellious, see..

He got into the aluminum can collection I've been lovingly gathering together, and it all went by the wayside, you know!?

Hokke~ can you understand this sadness, the sadness of my plans to some day build a house out of aluminum cans going up in smoke!?

Hokuto Hidaka AI Dialogue Render

There's no way I could understand that, you know. That is to say, I don't even want to, do I.

Look here, Akehoshi. I'll give you ten yen, so go away.

Subaru Akehoshi AI Dialogue Render

Thank you so much, Hokuto-sama!

Makoto Yuuki AI Dialogue Render

Cheap, you're cheap, Akehoshi-kun!!

Subaru Akehoshi AI Dialogue Render

Haa~… *squeak* *squeak* Yeah, now that I've polished it up, it's even shinier than before, I think? Hokke~ give me one more ☆

Hokuto Hidaka AI Dialogue Render

I will not. Seriously...

Ah, Anzu. About the lesson plan you thought up, it's really easy to understand, so it's helpful.

But, you must be holding back on us, right? You're building in these small break times, right. Breaks are certainly important, but taking too many of them is a problem, too.

Unlike when we had just formed, we've experienced all kinds of Dream Fes's.

Now that we have the stamina and ability, I'm sure we'll be able to endure even practice that seems unreasonable.

…Sorry, I didn't mean to trouble you.

If you, the producer determined that this is what's good, for me to be complaining about it is a bit...

I'm going to go cool my head for a bit. You guys continue with your practice, please.

Mao Isara AI Dialogue Render

Mm~ That guy. It seems like he's overdoing it a bit, huh~?

Makoto Yuuki AI Dialogue Render

It seems like Hidaka-kun… thinks that now is the time to push Trickstar. It seems that even when he's sleeping, he's worrying over it and doing his best, you know.

I'm worried that at this rate, it'll be Hidaka-kun who collapses, you know...

Subaru Akehoshi AI Dialogue Render

Hokke just goes and decides everything by himself, so, you know~?

Even in Sakura Fes, it was like that, and all, even though he could rely on us some more, see.

Mao Isara AI Dialogue Render

Anzu, you're worried about Hokuto, too? Haha, you would be, wouldn't you. We're comrades. There's nothing weird about worrying about your comrades, you know.

Then, can we leave this up to you? If it's us, then I don't think that guy will let on to what's bothering him, and all. If it's you, it seems like he'll spit it right out.

I'm counting on you for Hokuto, producer ♪

[Scene Change: Garden Terrace]
Hokuto Hidaka Comrades 2 Scene Change
Hokuto Hidaka AI Dialogue Render

…Anzu? By any chance, did you come after me?

Maybe I'm rushing things just a little.

And, looking at everyone's faces, I've finally realized that in my impatience, I'm pushing impossible things on my comrades.

I'm pushing my own feelings on them again, and spinning my wheels fruitlessly, aren't I.

…Konpeito? You're giving these to me?

I see. You went to the trouble of getting them because they're my favorite? Thank you, Anzu.

I should endeavor to take the people around me into consideration like you. …Mmm, they're good.

(Sense of Responsibility and His Friends) Hokuto Hidaka CG2
Hokuto Hidaka AI Dialogue Render

It would be wrong of me to monopolize something this delicious, wouldn't it. Anzu, you eat some, too.

How is it? The flavor of the pure ingredients is addictive, right? Since I ate some that I got from my grandmother, I've become a complete captive to them.

Yeah, it seems that, having taken in some sweetness, my ability to think coolly has returned. I guess overdoing it is something to be avoided, isn't it.

From now on, I won't forget that everyone in Trickstar – that you – are here.

Producer... No, Anzu, thank you for making me realize something important.

Translator: Looks after rainbows
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