Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Sense of Responsibility and His Friends) Hokuto Hidaka's Idol Road
Hokuto Hidaka Comrades - 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Grounds

*huff*... *huff*... *huff*...

…Alright, I'll leave it at that for today.

(It does feel good to sweat, after all, doesn't it. Compared to the hell of the special training from a bit ago, I feel so grateful doing exercise like this.)

(That was truly torture, wasn't it. I was forced to laugh just from watching the twins' comedy acts.)

(When they made me do my own comedy acts, I was driven to the point where I felt like I wanted to scream, "Please kill me instead!")

(At any rate, having overcome that special training from hell, we won against fine in the DDD, and even attained success in the Sakura Fes.)

(We have some solid strength. Of course, it's natural that compared to the powerful units, Trickstar doesn't have much popularity.)

(We're finally at the point where we've just had our existence recognized by society, I guess.)

(However, if we continue our rapid advance, the day we are also recognized as a powerful unit won't be that far off.)

(To that end, I must put my body through all the more training.)

…Hm? Anzu? It's still early for the first period, but do you have something to do?

Hm. That's because your name as a producer has risen. It isn't mysterious that you're being asked to do work for other units too, right.

As you can see, I'm doing morning training. Because our popularity has increased, you see, recently, offers of work have started to come in here and there.

Among them are some I honestly have to say would be difficult for us as we are. However, this is where we have to dig in, you know.

If we don't have enough stamina, we should think of and put into practice stamina building training.

If we're not confident in our singing or dancing, then we should get a specialist coach and polish our skills.

While we're just standing around, work might be passed around to the other units.

So, we should go past our limits in taking work, right.

To construct a rock solid position, it's natural that we'll have to push ourselves somewhat. If we don't have the mindset for that, we'll be kicked down in short order.

An avaricious spirit is also something necessary for an idol.

Sorry, I've talked on too long, haven't I.

…Hm? A sports towel?

(Sense of Responsibility and His Friends) Hokuto Hidaka CG

Please wipe my sweat with this? Is that alright? Sorry, thanks, Anzu.

…Phew. Makes me feel like a person again. I was happy to be able to wash my face in the basin, but I was just about to go get mine from where I forgot it in the classroom, so you saved me.

I'll wash this and give it back. Even if you tell me not to worry about it, I do.

But, for you to be carrying a sports towel around with you, you're well prepared, aren't you. …What? You also have honeyed lemons, you say?

Now that I think about it, you'd been coming to school early because you had your work to do as a producer, hadn't you.

I can understand it, now that I know that you prepared towels and gifts for the units you are producing for.

If I hadn't wiped my sweat all over it, I'd give it back to you, but I already did.

If you have the time, I'll go back to the classroom and bring the towel I was planning on using, but...

I see. You also left your things there temporarily, so you were also heading for the lesson room, huh? In that case, there's no need for us to go back alone, right?

And now, you're asking me to try your gift, too, but... No, I was just wanting to eat something a bit sour, and all, if you're alright with it, I would, but...

Hm. You made way too many, so, rather, you want me to eat them? I understand. If that's how it is, I'll have some after we get back to the classroom.

Your gifts are delicious, so I'm looking forward to eating them.

Scene Change: 2-A Classroom
Hokuto Hidaka Comrades 1 Scene Change

Anzu, wait a minute, please.

…Good, it looks like I had put it in my bag and brought it with me, like I should have, doesn't it.

If I didn't have a sports towel here, I was about to run all the way to my house to go and get one.

It's been properly washed, so it shouldn't be a problem, I think, but if it bothers you to use it, tell me. …It has a kind smell?

Yeah, since my grandmother washed that towel for me, it has her sincerity in it, maybe.

That being as it is, I feel better, having given you the towel. …Hm. It seems like we have time before first period, and all, maybe I'll go back and throw myself into practicing?

What's wrong, Anzu? If you pull on the sleeve of my jersey, the fabric will stretch, so I wish you'd stop that.

The gift...? Ahh, that's right, isn't it. Then, let's eat them.

*munch* *munch* The food you cook is good, after all, isn't it, Anzu. I feel like I could eat any number of them.

You say they're simple to make, but when you think about the work that goes into cutting them thinly, I'm sure it takes quite a bit of time and effort, doesn't it.

…This flavor, I feel like it's more delicious than it was when I ate them before. It's a flavor that sinks into your heart.

Compared to these now, the ones from DDD were a bit unevenly cut, since you weren't used to using a knife, weren't they. The results of your continued efforts encourage me, as well.

Thank you, Anzu. After this, I feel like I can give it one more go. You truly are an excellent producer, aren't you, Anzu.

From now on, too, I hope you'll lead us... lead many different units. I'm expecting great things from you, you know, producer.

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