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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Starmaker Productions Lobby

Excuse me. This is Hokuto Hidaka of Trickstar.

Ah, Producer, you're still here. Thank you for working so late each and every day.

... You seem a little fatigued. Would you like some konpeito? They're my favorites, so I tend to have them on me at all times. When you’re tired, having some sugar really helps.

Mmhmm, take as much as you'd like.

... It's delicious, you say? That's good, I'm happy to help.

Anyway, let me get to the point.

Producer, I’d like you to rearrange my schedule.

Now, I know it might sound pathetic, but I don't think I can do everything I planned to the level of perfection I'd like.

I mean, when I added it all up, it was clear that I didn’t have the time to handle all the work I've taken on.

Why are there only twenty-four hours in a day?

Having the opportunity to do this much work means that my skills are desired, so that was more of a cry of joy than one out of frustration.

But it goes against my personal code to just casually pick up requests and do a half-assed job in the process.

Mm. As you know, Trickstar, to which I belong, is always gung-ho about things.

We even jump at jobs that've got few rewards for us in sight, going all in without hesitation.

We always end up pushing ourselves to the brink, exhausting ourselves until we can barely move.

But well, both Trickstar and I -- We want to do what we'd like.

It’s Trickstar’s style to wave off any minor details and throw ourselves into a job, regardless of the consequences.

That's the sort of people we are, and I think it's something we can be proud of too.

But since coming under Starpro's management, my individual workload has increased.

It may be that I myself have been dyed by Trickstar's colors, but I have a bad habit of reaching straight for any job that interests me.

My father is the currently active Super Idol, Seiya Hidaka.

And my mother's still a leading lady wanted on every stage in the theatre world too, so even now I'm in the limelight as someone who's riding on the coattails of his parents' success.

But I don’t mind that either. I didn't choose to be born to them... and no matter how much of a pain in the neck it can be, having them as my parents is a blessing as much as it is a curse.

It seems my identity as “Hokuto Hidaka” is enough to catch the interest of my elders.

More specifically: me being the only son of “the Hidakas” is enough to turn eyes toward me.

Apparently there are a lot of folks out there who think they could use that fact to make a killing in profits.

For example, if they spotlight me as a guest on a program my father's appearing on, they might want us to share some heart-warming family anecdotes.

I’m sure you know this, but my father's an old-fashioned type of idol who gives off such an image of perfection that it makes him feel out of reach to normal people.

And that’s exactly why he is able to use such personal topics like family to engender a sense of closeness... As a result, his fans would increase as well.

Knowing just how impersonal my father really is, I can't help but laugh scornfully.

We don't even have heartwarming episodes to share; I can only imagine a quiet and awkward silence in the living room.

Meanwhile, I often hear people saying my mother and I should use our "mother and child" status in movies and plays she stars in. In fact, we’ve gotten requests to do just that.

It's not unlike when they cast a real couple to play the part of lovers in movies; it's a common tale.

The real-life relationship translates into a more authentic portrayal on stage or screen... At least, that's what everyone thinks.

It easily makes headlines, so it's a technique that's been repeated tirelessly... Well, I suppose it's a surefire way to get the particular outcome they want.

I'm still a greenhorn when it comes to acting, so if I performed in a "mother and child" role with my own mother it would surely disappoint her.

And there her fondness for me would end. I think it would just put cracks in our real family relationship.

That's why, Producer, if any requests come my way, I’d like you to refuse them in the most gentle way possible.

I'm aware I'm particularly blunt, and I might come off as unfriendly as a result...

I feel like if I negotiate them personally, it'll come back to haunt me when dealing with potential jobs in the future.

As for the jobs I've already taken on, I'd like you to push them forward in my schedule a bit more.

If you can open up my schedule, I'll use that spare time to hone my skills to fulfill any role they cast me in.

I'll research as much as I possibly can, so that I can grow enough to do any kind of work.

I don't have natural talent the way my parents do and I'm still wet behind the ears, so I won't be so proud thinking that I can do everything perfectly right from the start.

But I believe that I can do anything as long as I keep working hard. I want to keep up with everyone in Trickstar, so I'll overcome any hurdles that cross my path.

That’s why I don’t want to get tripped up in the middle by failing in my work and making everyone lose faith in me.

I want to keep increasing what I can do bit by bit.

All those experiences will help me grow stronger, and eventually I'll be able to proudly call myself the son of my outstanding parents.

I can’t explain it well, but I want you to make arrangements so that I may attain such a future.

By completing one job, I'll have gained necessary skills for the next--

I want you to make a schedule that will help me grow step by step.

Though there’s so many pieces to this that I can’t stand it, all that’s left is to fit them into the puzzle.

Can I ask you to do that, Producer?

We'll finish the puzzle together. And when we do, I promise the finished picture will be incredible.

Translation: Peace
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