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"I'm thickheaded, so there's things I struggle to understand about others."
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Class 2-A
Club Theater Club
Age 16-17
Height 172cm
Weight 55kg
Handedness Right-handed
Blood Type A
Birthday December 17th (Sagittarius)
Likes Protection charms
Dislikes His parents
Family Mother, Father
Hobby Crossword puzzles
Specialty Singing
Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya (細谷佳正) (April 28, 2015 - May 31, 2017)

Tomoaki Maeno (前野智昭) (May 31, 2017 - Present)

First Debut Hierarchy - 1 (Game)
Chapter 1 (Manga)
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Calm, cool, and collected, Hokuto is a hard-working perfectionist. He hates when his pace is disturbed. Though he might come across as cold to his noisy classmates at first, he values his friends. He's kind and will explain things thoroughly to those who don't understand, but he's also slightly air-headed.

He likes simple sweets, and his overall tastes are somewhat old-fashioned. The eccentric theater club president Wataru Hibiki gives Hokuto a hard time with his crazy antics, but Hokuto is striving to organize proper club activities. The leader of the unit Trickstar.


Hokuto is of average height and build, with smooth black short hair cut just below his ears. He has deep blue eyes. He wears the school uniform done up neatly, with a blue tie. His shoes are black loafers.

On stage Hokuto wears Trickstar's uniform. It includes a blue plaid half-sleeved jacket worn over a white v-neck shirt. The rolled up sleeve cuffs of the jacket are white. The lapels as well as the sides and shoulders of the jacket are black, with four tiny golden stars on the edge of the left lapel and golden trimming on the shoulders. Hokuto wears matching blue plaid pants. The uniform has multiple thin golden belts and an outlined star design on the side. He also wears a strap on his right side that's blue with a white stripe. On the left side, there's a draped black bandana with a white stripe and dotted with tiny silver specks. He wears blue high-tops with white laces. The outside of the shoes feature a star motif with the name "Trickstar" embroidered under it. He wears a black fingerless glove on his left hand and a blue wristband on his right hand. He also wears a gold necklace featuring an abstract design which may be interpreted as a combination of the letters "T" and "S" (from Trickstar), together with a star in the middle.


  • Hokuto's first name means "the Big Dipper." The two characters in his last name mean "ice" (氷) and "hawk" (鷹), respectively. His last name seems to fit with his slightly aloof personality. On the other hand, Hokuto's first name seems to have a connection with the fact that he's a member of the unit Trickstar.
  • Hokuto's autograph consists of only his first name, rendered in Roman letters. The style is simple and straightforward.
  • His nickname (by Subaru) is Hokke~.
  • Hokuto is the class president of Class 2-A.
  • He likes konpeitō.
  • Hokuto won the first character popularity rankings.
  • His parents are celebrities, his mother being a major actress, and his father being an ex-idol himself.
  • Hokuto doesn't get along well with his parents.
  • He was raised by his grandparents.


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Character Name Hokuto's Nickname Nickname for them
Anzu (Protagonist) · Hokuto-kun (Novel) · Transfer Student (転校生)

· Anzu (あんず)
· Producer (プロデューサー)

Hajime Shino mini
Hajime Shino · Shino-kun
Hinata Aoi mini
Hinata Aoi · Hidaka-senpai · The twins from the Light Music Club

· Hinata (ひなた)

Midori Takamine mini
Midori Takamine
Mitsuru Tenma mini
Mitsuru Tenma
Shinobu Sengoku mini
Shinobu Sengoku · Hidaka-dono (氷鷹殿) · Sengoku (仙石)
Sora Harukawa mini
Sora Harukawa
Tetora Nagumo mini
Tetora Nagumo
Tomoya Mashiro mini
Tomoya Mashiro · Hokuto-senpai · Tomoya (友也)
Tori Himemiya mini
Tori Himemiya · Hidaka-senpai (氷鷹センパイ, 氷鷹先輩) · Himemiya (姫宮)
Tsukasa Suou mini
Tsukasa Suou · Hidaka-senpai · Suou-kun
Yuta Aoi mini
Yuta Aoi · The twins from the Light Music Club
Adonis Otogari mini
Adonis Otogari · Otogari (乙狩)
Arashi Narukami mini
Arashi Narukami · Hokuto-chan · Narukami (鳴上)
Hokuto Hidaka mini
Hokuto Hidaka · Ore (俺)
Koga Oogami mini
Koga Oogami · Studybug · Oogami (大神)
Makoto Yuuki mini
Makoto Yuuki · Hidaka-kun · Yuuki (遊木)
Mao Isara mini
Mao Isara · Hokuto (北斗) · Isara (衣更)
Mika Kagehira mini
Mika Kagehira
Natsume Sakasaki mini
Natsume Sakasaki · Hokke-kun · Sakasaki (逆先)
Ritsu Sakuma mini
Ritsu Sakuma · Sakuma (朔間)
Souma Kanzaki mini
Souma Kanzaki · Kanzaki (神崎)
Subaru Akehoshi mini
Subaru Akehoshi · Hokke

· Hokuto (北斗)

· Akehoshi (明星)

· Idiot Akehoshi

Yuzuru Fushimi mini
Yuzuru Fushimi · Hidaka-sama · Fushimi (伏見)
Chiaki Morisawa mini
Chiaki Morisawa · Morisawa-senpai (守沢先輩) · Hidaka (氷鷹)
Eichi Tenshouin mini
Eichi Tenshouin · Hidaka-kun

· Hokuto (北斗)

· Student Council President (生徒会長)

· His Majesty the Emperor

Izumi Sena mini
Izumi Sena · Hidaka (氷鷹) · Sena-senpai
Kanata Shinkai mini
Kanata Shinkai
Kaoru Hakaze mini
Kaoru Hakaze
Keito Hasumi mini
Keito Hasumi · Hidaka (氷鷹) · Vice President (副会長)

· Hasumi-senpai

Kuro Kiryu mini
Kuro Kiryu · Kiryu-senpai (鬼龍先輩)
Leo Tsukinaga mini
Leo Tsukinaga
Nazuna Nito mini
Nazuna Nito
Rei Sakuma mini
Rei Sakuma · Hokuto-kun

· Hidaka-kun

· Sakuma-senpai
Shu Itsuki mini
Shu Itsuki · Hockey Mask-kun · Itsuki-senpai
Tsumugi Aoba mini
Tsumugi Aoba
Wataru Hibiki mini
Wataru Hibiki · Hokuto-kun

· Hockey Mask-kun

· Hibiki-buchou

· Masked Pervert · Buchou (部長)

Madara Mikejima mini
Madara Mikejima
Akiomi Kunugi Mini
Akiomi Kunugi
Jin Sagami Mini
Jin Sagami · Hidaka (氷鷹) Sagami-sensei
Reimei Academy
Hiyori Tomoe mini
Hiyori Tomoe · Hokuto-kun

· Hockey Mask-kun

· Tomoe-senpai
Jun Sazanami mini
Jun Sazanami
Mademoiselle mini
Daikichi mini
Daikichi · Daikichi-kun (大吉くん)
Leon mini
King mini
Ruka Tsukinaga Mini
Adonis' Sisters

Voice Actor Comment

"Since this is a game where you produce idols, I am very interested as this means finally, here's a game that male players can also enjoy. My character is one who, despite the fact that he's aiming to become an idol--a profession where he's supposed to become a fashion leaders for the young generation, is actually quite old-fashioned in his speech as well as his tastes, due to the strong influence from his grandfather. I am personally very curious about what type of idol he will develop into. Please regard him kindly."

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