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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: During the special campaign introducing Reimei Academy for the upcoming Kiseki story
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Season: Summer (夏) Location: Corridor

Yep, yep yep! I get it! I’ve gotten lost!

I overestimated myself, but it’s been a while so there’s no helping it if I got myself lost, right? As usual, Yumenosaki Academy is a bizarrely complex den[1] of a structure!

Come to think of it, I was always surrounded by my followers when I was still at Yumenosaki Academy.

I guess it would’ve been better to have someone come with me… If I’m alone, then I have absolutely no idea where anything is.

Ah~… I’m not liking this at all—I want to go back to Reimei Academy.

Yep yep, that’s what I’ll do! It’s okay if I just say “sorry” and apologise to Eichi-kun later—what a nice idea!

I’ll do just that—that’s a fine Hiyori!

… Oomph, wha-oh?

You okay? Sorry I bumped into you! You were also careless with looking ahead, what with carrying all that stuff… You can’t see in front of you, right?

Yep yep! Don’t worry, I’ll help you pick up the things you dropped onto the floor!

My motto is to do one good deed a day, so with this, I’ve achieved today’s quota… ♪

Here you go! I picked it all up! Yep yep, I worked up quite the sweat… ♪

“Thank you,” you say? Yep yep, if you’re going to thank me then I’d like for you to tell me where the Student Council room is!

It’s a Give-and-Take—it’s common knowledge in this world!

Yep! I have some small business to take care of so that’s why I’m looking for the Student Council room!

I was invited by Eichi-kun, you see~ He must’ve become someone important to have the nerve to call on others ♪

Hmm? Yep yep, that’s right! I have business with the Student Council President, Tenshouin Eichi!

Thanks! You’ll show me the way, won’t you—what a good child you are! I’m going to praise you!

… Hmm? Oh, if I look closely, you’re a girl! How odd—did I end up in the general course building while wandering around lost?

Hmmm. From this year onwards, something like the “Producer course” is being established?

You belong to that department… And you produce the Idols at Yumenosaki Academy, you say?

I see, how interesting! So that’s what Yumenosaki Academy has become like?

Ah, yep! I’m late in introducing myself! I’m from Reimei Academy’s Third-year S-class, Tomoe Hiyori!

I was extended an invitation from Eichi-kun, and I came for a meeting on the Summer Live or something or other!

I’m in your care, umm… What’s your name?

Anzu-chan? I see, I see—then I’m in your care from now on! Although I say that, our schools are different after all so we may never have anything to do with each other again!

With every encounter, there’ll also be a parting—there’s no way around it!

But you know, we should get well acquainted after having met! Even if it’s temporary!

Let’s shake hands~ ♪

Aah, you can’t shake hands with me because you’re carrying all that stuff? That is troublesome! Sorry, I tend to do things without really thinking about the circumstances of other people!

And you know, even Jun-kun often gets mad at me for it! Who does he think he is—how cheeky of him!

Hmm, you have a feeling that you’ve heard of the name “Jun-kun” before?

We go to different schools so there’s no way you would know, but maybe it’s because we’ve also become famous?

Yep yep. Even Jun-kun’s name, along with mine, will one day become unforgettable by everyone.

Tomoe Hiyori and Sazanami Jun from Eve—these two names… They will forever be engraved into your memories.

So you better remember it as well, Anzu-chan ♪

But it’s okay if you forget Jun-kun’s name! It’s only Jun-kun, after all!

I don’t want you forgetting me though, so I’ll have you feel obliged to be in my favour!

I’ll help carry your stuff in exchange! Because the human brain is made to easily remember things like obligation, shame, and loathing!

Yep yep, don’t be modest! Hand over that load of stuff!

I always have my followers do this for me, so this sort of thing is also new and fun, you see!

Okay, I’ve got it!

This is quite heavy! I’m quickly feeling the regret—this is a downcast Hiyori!

Eh, don’t exclaim about every little thing, you say? Was I being loud?

I’m often told that! I love talking, you know—even on the train ride here, I was having endless monologues and Jun-kun got mad at me!

That’s why he might’ve gotten embarrassed by being together with me, and so he went off somewhere?

We got separated in front of the station, and I lost sight of him just like that!

Probably even now, Jun-kun could be searching the station for me!

The promised meeting time was drawing near after all, so I left Jun-kun and came to Yumenosaki Academy on my own!

Eh? You’re saying that I should give Jun-kun even just a call because he’s most likely worried about me…?

Oh my, are you telling me your opinion? On what rights do you have?

Hey Anzu-chan, you may be in a position like that of a “Producer”…

But I’m no longer an Idol of Yumenosaki Academy, so I have no obligation to listen to you.

Don’t open your mouth and interject in every little thing I do.

I really hate that… No matter how lovely of a girl you are, it’ll make me want to skin your face off, you know.

Yep, yep yep! You understand, don’t you!

I’m glad—banza~i ☆

Aah, everything’s scattered again! Pick it up, pick it up, hurry!

I don’t want to be late for the meeting, because I really can’t stand to be hated by others!

You understand me, don’t you, Anzu-chan?

I don’t really care if you don’t understand though, because I admit that only I can perfectly understand myself![2]

Yep, and that is a fine Hiyori… ☆

  1. When Hiyori refers to Yumenosaki Academy as a “den”, it’s in a very negative light. The word has connotations of housing disreputable people.
  2. Near the end, Hiyori admits that only he can truly understand himself. The word he uses is “koutei” which is synonymous in pronunciation to the Japanese word for “emperor” (re: Eichi). This is only an interesting tidbit depending on how deeply you read into Akira-sensei’s stories.

T/L notes for Hiyori’s character:

  • Ending almost all sentences with “ne” – ‘ne’ is used for affirmation or confirmation, but Hiyori uses it incessantly to the point that it can be annoying to most people because it no longer feels like he’s asking, and just simply craving approval/acknowledgement (this is reflected in his somewhat hypocritical personality).
  • His catchphrase, “Yoi Hiyori” & “Warui Hiyori” – literally translated, it’s “Good Hiyori” and “Bad Hiyori”. The word ‘hiyori’ can also refer to the weather forecast. As a pun, I went with “fine Hiyori” and “downcast Hiyori” because he uses this catchphrase to describe his condition (and whatever follows feels like a prediction of his mood). However, I’m open to just leaving it if it’s decided later on to be too troublesome for everyone!
Translation: Nhi
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